I Was a Virgin

An 18-years-old virgin boy is obsessed about having his first time be special. He already knows who his "it" should be, and one day he gets lucky.


4. "Yes it is"

When we got to the mall I asked Lisa what she wanted to do: whether she wanted to go home and get her head checked or hang out. She said she wanted to relax a little bit walking around and that her head didn't even hurt anymore. I told her “that's cool,” but in the inside was as happy as I'd never been before; I got to hang out with my biggest crush. And although I had hanged out with her before, this time it felt different because I knew I was wiser and more capable of handling the situation.

After two hours of walking around the mall, Lisa's mom called. When they hung up Lisa told me that her mom had been notified of the accident and wanted to know if she was alright. She was also upset that Lisa hadn't called her. Then Lisa went on to say that she was getting tired of the mall and offered the idea of going to hang out in her house. I immediately remarked that it'd be awkward for me to go there if her family was there, and she quickly pointed out that her mom was actually on a business trip outside the country and her sister was in school because she slept over in a friend's house and went in the morning with her friend to school. Then I remembered that Lisa's parents are actually divorced and her dad lives in Europe, which made me stupidly and awkwardly ask: “So, the house is all ours?” Surprisingly enough Lisa found this question quite funny and answered “Yes, yes it is” while laughing.

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