I Was a Virgin

An 18-years-old virgin boy is obsessed about having his first time be special. He already knows who his "it" should be, and one day he gets lucky.


5. The Walk


We decided to go to Lisa's house walking since it wasn't that far away. As we walked she started asking me questions about how I felt about her. She pointed out that I didn't really seem to act the same way around her than I did around my friends and then finally directly asked “Do you like me?” The question was a bit of a surprise for me so I just stared at her without knowing what to say. She quickly added “I know you liked me in 7th grade, but is that just the past or do you still feel something for me?” I decided to finally do what I'd wanted to do for years. I explained her I liked her since the first time I saw her. I told her how my favorite number was the number seven because that's the number of the school bus we used to go together in. I told her I'd tried to forget her but that something always made me come back to thinking about her. And when I was done speaking she simply said “Wow.”

The rest of the walk was very awkward since no one said a word and I was about to tell her I thought it'd be better if I went home to "make my mom happy" when she pointed at a house and said: “That's where I live.” I decided I couldn't leave at that point. We got to the front door of her house and before she took out her keys she said: “I knew you liked me and I have used this to my advantage before. Sorry about that. I just didn't know you liked me that much.” She kept on, “I think you're kind of cute and there is something about you that's always called my attention. Not sure of what, but until now I always simply ignored it.” I looked her in the eyes and she finally said: “I'm giving you a chance.” Then she took out the keys, opened the door, and we got in.

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