I Was a Virgin

An 18-years-old virgin boy is obsessed about having his first time be special. He already knows who his "it" should be, and one day he gets lucky.


3. Rebels


When it was all over, a few seconds after the car coming in the opposite direction first caught my sight, the bus driver who thanks to his seat-belt looked in perfect health jumped off his seat and came to see if everyone was okay. There were a few kids with minor superficial injuries and one that looked like he was about to pass out.

Not too long after, students in both school buses were told to step down and wait in the grass fields around the highway. Luckily enough I was the only person of Lisa's age, which automatically made her approach me. She told me that she hit her head pretty hard against the seat in front of her and now had a headache. Then, after half an hour of waiting while our drivers insulted the completely uninjured careless driver that caused the accident, we realized we'd probably be there for a long time if we didn't find a way to leave. We knew if we asked the bus drivers for permission to grab a taxi they'd say the school wouldn't allow it, so Lisa suggested for us to be rebels and escape.

I made sure to inform a kid that we were leaving but also told him to not tell anyone unless they asked. Lisa and I were already apart from the crowd of students since they were all small kids, so we simply started walking farther away along the highway and when we saw a taxi, made signals for it to stop. Lisa told the driver to take us to the mall near her house and I made sure to call my mom and inform her of my situation. She actually thought it was better that I left but wasn't too comfortable with me going to the mall because I had just “been in an accident that could have ended up terribly” and she needed to “make sure I was okay.” I simply assured her I hadn't hit my head too hard and lied about no one getting injured, there was no way I was going to mess up another chance with Lisa.

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