I Was a Virgin

An 18-years-old virgin boy is obsessed about having his first time be special. He already knows who his "it" should be, and one day he gets lucky.


2. Impact!


It was six am and I woke up with the most annoying sound ever, my phone's alarm. Then I walked to my bathroom, took off my shirt and took a look at my body: “Still some extra-fat,” I thought to myself, “but getting thin and strong.” I had been working out and was starting to look muscular. As I put my shoes on I thought of how amusing it is that me, and probably a lot of other people, do exactly the same things every single morning. This made me realize of what a boring and common day it was going to be.

About half an hour later, as usual, I was sitting in my school bus next to an annoying kid that every morning asks me whether I had brought my iPad; I had not. I put my earphones on and started listening to music that would probably make other guys label me as a “fag,” but I didn't care about that and honestly liked the spanish love songs that reminded me of Lisa.

Not too long after departure from home another bus from my school got in front of us and I recognized Lisa on one of the seats. She was listening to music, just like me, but probably not thinking about me like I was thinking about her. A few minutes pass and I notice how most of the cars are slowing down when, out of nowhere, a car appears in the opposite direction. Lisa's bus hits the breaks, and before my bus driver can do anything my school bus had hit Lisa's. I quickly put my arms around my head and less than a second after I was already hitting the front seat with them.

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