Daydreaming | h.s

Jasmine thought she had a perfect life, with her boyfriend Harold. But things turn sour when he cheats on her, making Jasmine decide to move to London to live with her best friend Tahlia.

One small coffee shop changed her life.

All because someone cared.

Cared enough to ask if she was okay.


6. Chapter 6


Harry’s POV:

I couldn’t believe it. She had said yes! I pulled her into me and held her in my arms. She giggled and we heard noises outside of the dressing room. We looked at each other, both knowing it was the boy and Tahlia, so we pulled the door open, forcing all of them to fall on the floor.

“Were you guys listening?” I asked, acting shocked.

“Uh, not at all” Niall said.

They all shook their heads.

“Oh, really?” Jasmine said raising an eyebrow. Again, they denied.

“Jasmine, we have to go now, I have work tomorrow!” Tahlia reminded.

“Wait, Jasmine, give the rest of the guys your number! We already have Tahlia’s” Zayn said.

Jasmine’s POV:

I gave my numbers to the all of the boys, besides Zayn who already had my number, said my good-byes, and Tahlia and I drove home. As soon as I got home, I collapsed onto my bed, falling asleep and ignoring my phone.

The next day, I woke up and looked in the mirror seeing smudged eyeliner and running mascara. I cleaned my face and changed into sweats and a loose tee. I checked my phone, only to find a text from Harry.

*TEXT FROM HARRY: Excited for our date tomorrow! Pick you up at 4 xx*

It was sent yesterday, and it was now already 1 in the afternoon. I went to the kitchen and rummaged through Tahlia’s cabinets for food. I found pancake mix, and decided to make myself pancakes. I decided to take a bath and relaxed for about an hour until I realized I wouldn’t have Tahlia’s assistance to pick out my outfit.

With a towel wrapped around my body, I searched through my clothes, which had now been moved into my closet from my suitcase, for an outfit. I couldn’t decide what to wear, so I ended up working on my hair and makeup. I braided my hair into a fishtail braid to the side and put on my eyeliner, forming a wing at the end. After wearing mascara and curling my eyelashes, I looked at the clock. It was already 3.

I searched through my closet again, leaving me with the option of three outfits. I still couldn’t decide, so I texted Megan, asking her to come over and help me get ready. I put on the sweats and loose tee I was wearing before and waited for Megan to come.

Before I knew it, the door bell rang and it was already 3:30. I dragged her into the apartment and led her to my room.

“Megan, I don’t know what to wear, I’m freaking out!” I panicked.

“Calm down, I’ll help you. Where’s your room?” I led her to my room and gave her permission to look through my outfit. She was about to decide on an outfit when I remembered, “Oh, wait, Tahlia said I could borrow some of her clothes!”

We went to Tahlia’s room and Megan began to search. She found a cute floral dress and a black blazer. It was perfect for a first date. The upper part of the dress hugged my curves and the rest flowed to just above my knees. She handed me a pair of wedges and I was finally ready. I thanked her and she left.

At exactly 4, the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find Harry wearing a blazer, dark jeans, and a white tee.

“Blazer, huh?” he asked with a grin.

I just rolled my eyes and asked, “Where are we going today?”

“Well, I was thinking we could get some ice cream and we could go back to my place after and hang with the boys. I invited them over, and I’m pretty sure Zayn already invited Tahlia”.

“Zayn and Tahlia?” I asked smiling.

“Yup. Shall we go, milady?” he said, holding out his arm.

“We shall” I said, linking my arm with his.

We drove for a while and went to an ice cream parlor that was pretty secluded. Harry had explained that he didn’t want to be seen by the paparazzi just yet, but I understood. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to get hate from their fans just for going on a date with him.

We ordered our ice cream and sat in a booth in the corner. This seemed to become a normal thing for us.


Our date was going great. Nobody had recognized him yet, so we had some privacy. Harry told me more about One Direction; how they were formed at the x factor after almost being sent home and how they were now his brothers. I asked him where he lived to which he responded, “You’ll find out later”. I raised my eyebrows at his suspiciousness but was still curious as to what he meant.

I told him about my family; how my parents were constantly traveling, how I had no siblings. My grandmother was the one who used to take care of me when they traveled, but she was gone now. She was the only one I was really close too.

I didn’t know why I was allowing myself to open up to Harry. It felt right.

He was nothing like Harold. Harold had never done anything to hurt me in our relationship, except cheating on me, but, now that I think about it, what we had wasn’t special. Maybe this time will be different, I thought.

It was starting to get late and we had been talking for 3 hours. Even though I had only met him a few days ago, I felt like I had known him since birth. There were barely any moments of silence between us and, when they were, the silence wasn’t awkward.

After all of the talking, Harry had decided he wanted to take a picture of me for his phone.

“Say cheese!” he exclaimed.

“No” I said, covering my face and putting my head down on the table.

“Don’t make me sing the song” h­­e threatened.

“Go ahead”.


Pretending to be embarrassed, I got up and left the store. He ran after me, laughing.

“Wait, Jasmine, come back! You told me to do it!” he laughed, speaking between his words.

“Fine, but only if you promise not to sing anymore” I said.

“Okay, okay, I won’t”.

He grabbed my hand and we walked back into the store. We sat down and Harry began to fling sprinkles at my face. I was about to tell him to stop, when one of the sprinkles hit me straight in the eye.

“Oh my gosh, you idiot, you hit me in the eye!” I said, trying not to tear up.

Immediately, he was by my side saying, “Open your eyes, let me see!”

“No”, I complained, “That’ll make it worse!

“Just do it”.

I opened my eyes and I yelled, feeling the pain in my eye.

“Oh gosh, you were right, keep your eye closed”.

I laughed, kicking him out of the chair, and he went back to the other side. I sat in silence for about five minutes, letting the tears flow down my cheek, until my eye stopped hurting.

“Would a kiss make it better?” Harry asked.

“Oh, shut up” I said, amused at his cheekiness.

Unexpectedly, Harry reached across the table, grabbed my face in his hands, and kissed my eye.

“Better?” he asked.

“No, now I’ll have to disinfect my eyelid when I get home” I said, rolling my eyes.

By that point, my eye was already better and we continued with our date. I was feeling confident when, all of a sudden, Melanie walked into the ice cream shop.

“Harry, hey babe!” she said, sitting next to him in the booth.

What the hell?

I just sat there, waiting for Harry to do something. Melanie proceeded to flirt with Harry and I could tell in Harry’s eyes that he was confused. He was about to speak to me when Melanie forced herself onto Harry, kissing him. As soon as I could tell that Harry was kissing her back, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I rolled my eyes and walked out of the store, grabbing a taxi before Harry could stop me. Of course, I thought. Melanie was much better looking than I was. No wonder she didn’t talk to me when I met her yesterday. One of the boys probably told her that Harry and I had a thing. I was stupid for thinking I had a chance. The driver asked where I was headed and I gave him my address.

I needed to talk to someone and get Harry of my mind. I couldn’t call Tahlia, so I thought of calling one of the boys. I thought of calling Zayn. Even though I had only met him and the rest of the boys yesterday, after he helped me find the dressing room, I felt closer to him compared to the rest. On the way there, I took my phone and texted him.

*TEXT TO ZAYN: Can you come over?*

*TEXT FROM ZAYN: Sure! Did something happen between you and Harry?*

*TEXT TO ZAYN: You could say that…*

I paid the taxi driver, rode the elevator up, and walked into my apartment, now having my own set of keys. I texted Zayn my address, and within two minutes, he was at my door.

“How’d you get here so fast?”

“Well, we kinda live on the floor above you. Harry was supposed to surprise you later” he explained.

So that’s what Harry meant.

“Well, fuck Harry” I said.

“Whoa, tell me what happened”.

“I don’t know. We were having a great time”. I smiled, remembering what had happened in the last few hours. “We were on our date when, all of a sudden, Melanie appears out of nowhere and they start making out in front of me. I got pissed off, so I left”.

“Melanie? Jasmine, don’t worry, she’s history, I promise! She used to be Harry’s girlfriend until he found out she was sleeping behind his back”.

“Well, he didn’t stop her at the parlor” I said.

“I’ll talk to him later for you, I promise. Just please give him a chance to explain later” he said.

I groaned, but agreed. I wasn’t ready to let Harry go yet.

Zayn asked if I had eaten yet, and when I told him I had only eaten ice cream, he decided to order take out. The food came, and he told me he would stay until Tahlia came.

“Well, it’s only 7 o’clock, what do you want to do?” he asked.

“Movie?” I suggested.

“Is it a chick flick?” he asked.

“Oh, not at all”.

Technically, Starstuck wasn’t a chick flick. Throughout the movie, I couldn’t help but notice Zayn’s phone vibrating. He ignored it and, instead, kept complaining about the cheesiness of the movie.

“Oh gosh, that’s not even romantic. Watch, he’s going to go surprise her. So predictable”. He said.

“Oh, shut up, it’s cute!” I said.

I felt better after the movie ended and was starting to feel tired.

“So, do you like him?” Zayn asked.

“Like who?” I said, causing Zayn to roll his eyes. “Who knows?” I said with a shrug, and yawned.

My eyelids began to droop, and I fell asleep in Zayn’s arms. I felt him carry me and place me onto a bed, kissing my forehead and then leaving the room.

I woke up again to Tahlia. Zayn had told her what happened, and he left after talking to Tahlia for a while.

I must remember to ask her about what was going on between her and Zayn tomorrow.

She told me to go back to sleep and I did, wanting my disappointment in Harry to disappear.

Harry’s POV:

As soon as Jasmine ran out of the parlor, I pushed Melanie off of me and ran after her, but I was too late. She had already got into a taxi.

“Melanie, stay away from me” I yelled.

“Why? I’m way better for you, she doesn’t deserve you!”

“Shut up, you don’t deserve me at all. You cheated on me! Stay away, or else”. I demanded.

She rolled her eyes saying, “We’ll see about that”, and left. I got into my car and drove to my flat.

What was wrong with Melanie? I had already broken up with her. Maybe, she’s mental, I thought.

I needed to explain the situation to Jasmine but I knew she wouldn’t talk to me, so I went to the boys for advice. I texted the boys to come over, but I didn’t give them any details. As soon as I got home, they were already there; we had keys to each other’s apartments for emergencies.

Immediately, Louis saw the sadness in my face.

“What happened?” he asked.

I explained to them what happened. I told them about our date and how Melanie interrupted and I noticed Zayn missing.

“Where’s Zayn?” I asked.

“If we tell you, do you promise not to panic?” Liam asked.

“Yeah, it’s not like he’s with Jasmine or anything” I said.

Nobody was speaking, so I eyed Niall, knowing he would tell me.

“He’s with Jasmine” Niall said sheepishly.

I felt the anger building up in me, so I stood up saying, “I’m going to her house”.

Liam shot up saying, “No, you can’t! She’s obviously hurt and she only called Zayn for comfort because Tahlia is at work”.

I groaned and lay face flat on the couch.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up to Zayn’s voice murmuring in my ear. Before, I could stop myself; I punched him in the face.

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