Daydreaming | h.s

Jasmine thought she had a perfect life, with her boyfriend Harold. But things turn sour when he cheats on her, making Jasmine decide to move to London to live with her best friend Tahlia.

One small coffee shop changed her life.

All because someone cared.

Cared enough to ask if she was okay.


23. Chapter 23 ~ the end

It has been 6 months since the Harold incident, and I'm just glad that when I wake up I have Harry their next to me. Every time. I seriously hope that nothing like that ever happens again. It was the scariest thing in my life. 

So far my life has been going well. Melanie has written a letter to every single person she hurt, just like she promised, and everyone has forgiven her. Harry took a bit longer, but since we're now best friends, and she's always around, he gave in and eventually forgave her aswell. 

Tahlia and Zayn have now been going strong for about 10 months now, and they are just the cutest couple. I seriously can't see Zayn with anyone else. 

Obviously I never ended up going to university, because it would have been too hard with Harry and school.
Considering they have their Take Me Home tour in a month. And management is letting me and Tahlia come! I'm so excited!

 Well, theirs also a third coming. Well more like a 1/2.  

Little baby Bella. 

Yes, I'm pregnant. 2 months actually. Harry was so excited when he found out. All the boys congratulated me an Harry, and now my stomach is growing larger every month. I can't wait. 

So yeah, that's basically been my life so far, and I wouldn't change anything about it. Because as my mother used to always say 'Things always happen for a reason' and now I see why she said it all the time. Things really do happen for a reason. 




Annnnnd that's it for this fanfic. 

Sorry guys but I had to finish it because I didn't really know how to continue it. But has been an amazing 6 months writing this story to all you lovely readers. 

I hope you enjoyed it. 

Do you guys think I should make a sequel? 

Comment if you think I should or not :)

Again, thank you everyone who read the story and I love you. 

~ jasmine xx

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