Daydreaming | h.s

Jasmine thought she had a perfect life, with her boyfriend Harold. But things turn sour when he cheats on her, making Jasmine decide to move to London to live with her best friend Tahlia.

One small coffee shop changed her life.

All because someone cared.

Cared enough to ask if she was okay.


21. Chapter 21

By now I was eating some afternoon tea that melanie had brought me. She actually was a nice person. We had been able to talk a lot because Harold wasn’t with us at all. We didn’t know where he was though so we had to be careful. He could come in at any moment.
She had told me about how she had 2 older brothers and one younger sister. They lived in Cheshire near harrys family with her parents I think that was how her and harry met. We also talked about how she got the job working with one direction, but she felt like she was hated on already because how she HAD to act. She made a promise to me that when we got free, and Harold was long gone behind us, she would write an apology letter to every single person she had hurt. Starting with harry.
“you really love him don’t you?” she asked.
I was half way through taking another bite of my sandwich when she asked that. I looked up at her and thought for a second. Did I really love him? Of course I did. Why was I doubting it?
“yes. I really do.” I answered, finishing my sandwich.
“and I can tell you now that he really loves you back. Trust me jasmine, ive known him for ages. Its obvious how he feels for you.”
“you think so?”
“babe, I know so” and she threw me a smile. And so I smiled back.
The dead line was only in a few hours and I still had no idea what to do. I mean I knew I would get the money and give it to him, because I loved jasmine and over these last few hours I hadn’t been coping well without her here, knowing she could be killed.
By now the boys and Tahlia are all in the lounge room trying to talk about what the ‘plan’ was. But to me there was no plan. I just needed to give him what he wanted.
*Ring ring! Ring ring!*
I looked down at the now vibrating phone in my hand. It read “UNKNOWN NUMBER” I don’t normally pick up unknown numbers but today was different.
“erm hello?”  I answered into the phone.
“harry?! Omg harry its me. Jasmine! Its good good to hear your voice harry!” jasmine said excitedly into the other end of one phone.
“JASMINE?! IS THAT REALLY YOU?” I said, but I think I ended up yelling because all the boys & tahlia turned around and threw me a confused look.
“harry” she bagan. “ i-i-I love y-“ “Hello Harry. Long time no talk. Sorry to get your hopes up with putting jasmine on the phone, but we must talk.” A man spoke in the phone, with an evil tone in his voice.
Shit. It was Harold.
“what do you want Harold?” I said through my teeth.
“now, now theres no need to give me that tone of language mr. I have your prize possession remember. You must obey me or else…”
“or else what? Jasmine yelled in the background. “harry don’t give him the money! Its to much he wont kil-“ and then I heard the sound of a slap across the face.
“Jasmine! Okay Harold. You win. I will give you the money. Just tell me when and where. I will be there.”
“London cemetery. 9pm tonight. Bring only yourself if you ever want Jasmine back.” And then the line went dead.
I took a deep breathe in and turned to face the others again.
“well?! Is she okay?! What is happening?!’” Tahlia yelled. Obviously wanting answers. I wish I could tell them when I was meeting Harold. But I couldn’t.
 I want to, wait no. I NEED to get jasmine back.
“nothing. Im not sure yet. All he said was that he will be calling me in the next few days.” And with that, I stormed upstairs and into my bedroom.
I closed the door, slidding down it, and hugged my knees. I began to ball my eyes out. Why? That was my only question.

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