Daydreaming | h.s

Jasmine thought she had a perfect life, with her boyfriend Harold. But things turn sour when he cheats on her, making Jasmine decide to move to London to live with her best friend Tahlia.

One small coffee shop changed her life.

All because someone cared.

Cared enough to ask if she was okay.


2. Chapter 2


I watched him leave the café. He climbed into a black SUV, and drove off. I looked outside the window and saw that it was getting dark. The moon tonight was crescent shaped and there was still a chill in the air, even though it was June already. It was cold compared to the sunny weather I was used to in Australia, but I thought to myself, change is good.

Since it was getting dark, I finally got up to leave the café. It was really cozy, and I knew that I was going to be spending a lot of time there. Café de Michelle. The name had a nice ring to it. I walked back to the house feeling a little overwhelmed. Was that really him? Maybe I heard his name wrong. What in the hell is going on? I kept questioning myself until I realized that I was getting tired. My eyes started to droop, and the only thing that was keeping me awake was the chills from the cold weather.

I was about to climb into the elevator to go up to floor 19, when I realized I had no keys. It took me about five minutes to text Tahlia to come home because it felt like my fingers were getting frostbite. I was shivering and saw a bench in front of the apartment complex, so I decided to sit until Tahlia came. It was almost 7 and I had gone to the café at 5. I closed my eyes for a while and didn’t realize that I had almost fallen asleep until I woke up to a text from Tahlia.

*TEXT FROM TAHLIA: I’m home now! I have a surprise for you. So, get your butt home.*



I rolled my eyes, and then realized she couldn’t see me. I made my way to the elevator and pressed the button, laughing to myself and waiting for the doors to open. I forgot that there could have been someone inside the elevators waiting to come out, so I walked straight into an old man. He grumbled and scowled, and I felt guilty for my clumsiness.

I pressed the button for 19 and when the elevator dinged, I knocked on our door, Room 21.

“Tahlia, open up, it’s me, Jasmine!”

The door swung open and I was face to face with a squealing Tahlia.

“Tahlia, what the hell is going on?” I asked worriedly.

“I got tickets to One Direction for their last concert before their break! You’re coming with me! I’m finally going to meet them and Harry’s going to fall in love with me!” she yelled.

“Wait, break? When? Harry? What?”

“You know how I told you I was going to work?” she said, after calming down. I nodded, gesturing my hands for her to continue.

“Well”, she said, “I managed to get tickets for their concert because I work at Syco records! Those are the people that signed One Direction, originally. I don’t have a super high position, but I have connections. My office is right across from Simon’s and we’re somewhat close, even if he doesn’t come by that often. They’re going to go on break soon because they’ve already done 3 tours in 2012 and, since it’s the summer, their new manager decided to give them a break!”

“So, we’re going to the concert?”


Maybe Tahlia doesn’t have to know just yet, I thought.

Harry’s POV:

The boys had picked me up at the café, with Louis driving, and we went to rehearsals. We were preparing for our very last concert. The boys immediately tackled me as soon as I got into the car after rehearsals. I heard comments along the lines of “Who was that girl? Did you get her number? What’s her name? Is she single? Are you cheating on me?”

“Guys, calm down” I said. “Her name is Jasmine. Yes, I got her number. I think she’s single, and no, Louis, I’m not cheating on you”.

“You think?” Liam asked. “What do you mean, you think?”

“Well, she looked like she had been crying, or was about to, and she had an Australian accent. She’s not from around here and she was sitting by herself” I said.

“Wow, you used your brain today” Zayn teased.

I glared at him, and ended up telling the lot of them about what happened in the café. She was beautiful. Even though her hair was just in a bun and she didn’t have any makeup on, she was beautiful. I needed to get to know her better. Maybe, I should text her, I thought. I decided to wait until we got back to the flat to text her so that the boys wouldn’t make fun of me.

“Hey, at least we’re going to have a break” Niall said. “More time for Nando’s! And we can finally relax”.

“Yes, what a coincidence Harry, we are soon for a break, and you already manage to meet another girl” Louis said, wiggling his eyebrows. The car erupted with laughter and cackles.

“Yeah, what about Eleanor?” I retorted. “She’s probably happy about the break too, isn’t she? And anyways, I don’t think any thing will happen between us, even if she is single. She looked so heartbroken. But, I do want to learn more about her. She intrigues me”.

“Intrigue? Wow, big word, maybe this girl will be good for you” Liam stated. “But, we have to approve first, of course”.

“And what girl could resist the Styles charm?” Zayn said, pretending to flip his hair.

“But, she doesn’t know” I said.

“Doesn’t know what?” Niall asked.

“She doesn’t know who One Direction is, or who Harry Styles is”.

“How are you so sure?” Liam asked

“Well, for one, she didn’t seem to know my name and she did not scream at me, thankfully” I replied.

“You better tell her soon, mate” Louis asserted.

“I will! I’ll tell her the next time I see her” I said.

“Oh, so there’s going to be a next time, is there?” Zayn smirked.

By this time, we had already arrived at the flat and were heading towards our room, when a grumpy old man passed by us. He was mumbling about a person running into him at the elevator and he shoved past us.

“Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning…” Louis laughed.

We, eventually, walked into our flat and a string of insults were shot at Louis about the messiness of the room. As casually as possible, I walked straight to my room and took out my phone and did what I had been waiting to do for about 2 hours. It’s only 9:30, I thought.


Jasmine’s POV:

After I sat through an hour of Tahlia’s fangirlling, as she called it, I went to my room and checked my phone. I was still a bit tired, but Tahlia understood. She told me that she was going to go out to visit a sick friend, and I raised my eyebrow at her until she told me that it was her co-worker and that she was, in fact, single. There was one missed call from Mom and there was nothing from Harry. I wasn’t as disappointed, seeing as I had only talked to him for five minutes or so. I called my Mom back and was about to go to sleep when my phone vibrated, signaling a text. It’s probably just Tahlia, it can wait until tomorrow.
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