Daydreaming | h.s

Jasmine thought she had a perfect life, with her boyfriend Harold. But things turn sour when he cheats on her, making Jasmine decide to move to London to live with her best friend Tahlia.

One small coffee shop changed her life.

All because someone cared.

Cared enough to ask if she was okay.


16. Chapter 16


Jasmine’s POV:

“What do you want?” I scowled at her.

“Don’t you want to know more? About you and your little boyfriend?” she asked, enunciating the word boyfriend.

I stared at her, disgusted. She was leaning against the wall, staring at the front door. We both heard shuffling behind the front door, meaning that the boys were listening.

“Ex-boyfriend”, I said defensively.

“You should prepare yourself” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Prepare myself? Why do I need to prepare?” I asked, confused.

“How naïve”, she said smirking. “I know you still have feelings for Harold”.

Did I really? I was broken up about him after our relationship, but I was with Harry now. I was sure I didn’t care about Harold anymore. He was a thing of the past. I wanted nothing to do with him anymore, but Melanie’s words were making me question my feelings. Just when I thought I had figured out my feelings about Harry, something had to come up.

“I know all about your petty little relationship with him. I even know that he cheated on you and that was the reason you guys broke up”.

When the words escaped her mouth, I felt like I had been punched straight in the stomach. My mind went back to the night I ended things with Harold, and I felt an ache in my heart. I was sure I was over Harold. But, the thought of the heartbreak I felt after I ended things with him still stung my heart when I thought about it.

“How do you know all of this?” I said, trying not to sound small and weak.

“You don’t need to know” she said.

I stared at her, my facial expression mixed with both awe and confusion and my jaw open in shock.

“Of course I need to know, you’re screwing me over!” I said at the top of my lungs.

“I’m screwing you over?! The only thing I’ve ever screwed is your boyfriend” she said spitting in my face.

She crossed her arms, pleased with herself. I gasped. I wiped her spit off of my face and clenched my fist. Though I assumed she meant before I became Harry’s girlfriend, it still angered me to hear those words coming from her mouth. Just as I was stepping towards her, there was a rustling noise behind the door, and it swung open, revealing a very angry Harry.

The boys followed behind him and Zayn and Liam were holding me back. I was trying to push away from the both of them, but their grasps were too strong for me.

“Get off me!” I yelled, squirming in Liam’s arms. “Where did Harry go?!” I asked.

I looked ahead of me, but only saw Melanie, Louis and Niall. Melanie was now at the end of the hallway; Louis and Niall were talking to her, trying to keep her away from me. I tried to make out what they were saying, but they were talking too softly.

I turned around, still in Liam’s grasp, and saw Harry.

“Tell them to let me go!” I said, my eyes pleading.

“I can’t do that, babe, sorry” he said, grinning.

I squinted my eyes at him. “Why the hell are you grinning?! I’m going to kill her! She’s mental! ”

I wanted to punch Melanie in the face, badly. I waited until Liam was distracted to bite his arm and flee away from his grasp.

I was so close to Melanie and Louis when Harry grabbed me by the waist and lifted me off of my feet.

“Damn it”, I said. Harry flung me over his shoulders and I was hitting his back as an attempt to make him put me down.

Harry opened the door to his flat and dumped me on the couch. I tried to run for the door, but he was too fast for me. He pointed to the couch, telling me to sit, and I did so, crossing my arms.

“I’m going to kill her” I said with a straight face.

“No you won’t” Harry said, coming over to sit next to me. The rest of the boys were still outside. I wondered whether or not Melanie was still there and what they were saying.

“I know…” I said, sighing. “But, she pisses me off. She’s ruining my life. My life is so peaceful when she’s not involved”.

I pouted and sat criss-cross on the couch. Harry stared at me for a few seconds and I tilted my head to the side, as if I was observing him.

“Why are you staring at me?” I asked.

“You’re cute when you’re angry” he said, smiling.

I reached for one of the pillows on the couches and I groaned into it. “Stop doing that” I mumbled into the pillow.

“Doing what?”

“Making me feel weird” I said, pretending to squirm.

He stared at me, wondering what I was talking about, so I said, “I don’t like being called cute”.

He looked at me weirdly, laughing and shaking his head. We were now facing each other on the couch, in silence. I stared into his green orbs, taking in his beauty.

Harry’s POV:

We were looking into each other’s eyes, the world around us still. I pulled her onto my lap, and brushed a stray hair away from her face, putting it behind her ear. I was trying to close the distance between us when the door to my flat flung open.

Jasmine jumped off of my lap and scattered towards the other side of the couch. She pulled her knees into her chest and buried her face, preparing for the boys remarks.

“Oh”, Louis said. “Did we interrupt something?”

“No, not at all, Louis” I said, monotone.

“Good”, Louis said, walking to the couch and sitting on the other couch.

Zayn smirked and sat in between Jasmine and me. Jasmine punched him and said, “Cockblocker”.

Zayn rubbed his arms, hissing, and put his arm around me. Jasmine, getting jealous, pushed Zayn off the couch and sat next to me.

“So, what happened with Melanie?” I asked.

“Well, she is telling the truth” Liam said. He turned to Jasmine and said, “Your ex-boyfriend is coming”.

“That’s great?” she said, unsure, offering a feeble smile.

“He’s not due for a while” Liam said.

“Due? You make him sound like he’s going to give birth” Zayn said, causing Jasmine to smile.

“When’s he coming?” I asked.

“August 15th”.

“How does Melanie even know him?” Jasmine asked.

Louis sprung up from the couch, saying, “That’s what we forgot to ask!”

I facepalmed, and Jasmine was now chasing him around the flat yelling insults.

As they were doing so, Zayn, Liam and Niall turned to me.

“At least you won’t have to worry for a while” Niall said.

“Why would I need to worry in the first place?” I asked.

“Well, if Melanie’s right and Harold is actually really mad about you two, then you have to expect the worst. You don’t know what he’ll do to get Jasmine back” Liam said.

“And what if Jasmine still likes him?” Niall said in a whispering voice, not wanting Jasmine to hear.

I thought about it and realized that it was possible. Jasmine was still stuck on Harold when we first met in the café and she was terribly heartbroken over him. Zayn could see the worry in my eyes, so he patted me on the shoulder saying, “She doesn’t, don’t worry”.

Though Zayn and Liam were being somewhat reassuring, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit doubtful.

Jasmine’s POV:

It was now late in the night and the boys were playing FIFA. I was laying in Harry’s lap, half-awake, when he shook me saying, “Let’s go”.

“Go where?”

“I’m taking you home now, Tahlia’s asking for you”.

I got up, still tired, and wobbled to the front door.

“Bye, guys!” I said.

Being half-awake and not realizing the door was still closed, I ran into it. I stood for a while, trying to regain my balance and went into the elevator. Again, because I was tired, I forgot that Harry was coming with me. The elevator door was about to close when he stuck his hand through the center, causing the doors to open.

“Hi” he said.

I smiled at him, and we stood in silence, waiting to reach my floor.

“Do you still like him?” he said.

All of a sudden, I wasn’t tired anymore. “Who Harold?” I asked, even though I knew who Harry was talking about.

“Nope. But, I do like this other guy” I said grinning to myself.

Harry looked at me, unsure of where I was going with this.

“He has curly hair and beautiful eyes. He’s funny and really cheeky too. He’s adorable”.

“Oh, and who would this person be?” he said, walking over to me and putting his arm around my waist


Harry, who didn’t expect that answer, stared at me while I was cackling.

“I’m kidding” I said, still grinning. Harry, however, was not amused; or he pretended not to be.

I walked over to him and looked at him with puppy dog eyes. He rolled his eyes and pulled me into his chest. We were standing in each other’s arms, and I tiptoed to kiss him on the cheek. The elevator doors opened and we walked to my flat, holding hands. I unlocked the front door, hugged Harry and said good night to him. I closed the door and was about to hop into the shower when I heard a knock on the door.

I opened it to see Harry.

“I forgot something” he said, out of breath.

“Why are you out of breath? What’d you for-”

I was interrupted by Harry’s lips on mine. Our lips seemed to fit together perfectly and I smiled into the kiss.

After pulling away, I just rolled my eyes and said, “Cheeseball”.

He smiled and said, “Good night, beautiful”.

“Bye, ugly” I winked, closing the door.

Harry's POV
She closed the door after winking and calling me ugly. I liked it when she did things like that. She's so cute! I thought. I pressed the button to go up in the elevator. I stood there alone, waiting for the doors to open again, just thinking. I couldn't believe how much my life had turned around in just a few months. I walked up to the door and unlocked it, seeing all the boys asleep in the living room. I decided I would just leave them there and go to bed. I lay there, trying to go to sleep, but all I could think about was that 'Harold' dude. I didn't want him to hurt Jasmine. I would defend her to make sure she is safe. My eyes were just about shut, until my phone vibrated. Thinking it was Jasmine, my eyes opened and I checked it, but it wasn't her.

*TEXT FROM UNKNOWN NUMBER: He's coming. Be prepared. All this wouldn't have happened if you just loved me.*

Shit. It was Melanie.
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