Daydreaming | h.s

Jasmine thought she had a perfect life, with her boyfriend Harold. But things turn sour when he cheats on her, making Jasmine decide to move to London to live with her best friend Tahlia.

One small coffee shop changed her life.

All because someone cared.

Cared enough to ask if she was okay.


12. Chapter 12


Tahlia’s POV:

“Do you really need help shopping?” I asked as we got into then elevator.

He shrugged his shoulders and grinned. As we reached the lobby, he ushered me towards the back entrance. We went into the boys’ black SUV, and Zayn told the driver where we were going.

“Where are you taking me?”

“I told you, we’re going shopping!” He said.

“Well, why did I need to come?”

“I needed a girl’s opinion!” he said.

“Why couldn’t you take Jasmine?”

“I wanted to take you”.


I felt my heart skip a beat and my stomach tied into knots.

He wanted to take me?

At that moment, the car slowed down and pulled up to the entrance of the shopping centre. Still in shock, he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the car. He held my wrist and dragged me to the first shop hurriedly, not wanting to be seen by any fans.

“Zayn, I don’t want to go shop- Wait, are we in Topshop?” I looked at my surroundings, only to find that we were, in fact, in my favorite store.

He snickered, knowing that I was going to give in.

“Fine”, I said hesitantly.

“But, if we’re going shopping, I’m going all out”.

He held one arm out to the side, and one on his back, bowing and gesturing me to start shopping.

“As you wish”, he said, smiling.

I ran past him and, immediately, started stacking clothes onto his arm. After half an hour of looking through the entire store, he held so much clothes that I could barely see his face.

I was walking to the next aisle when I stopped in my tracks. Zayn bumped into me and I almost knocked him over.

“What happened?” he asked, stretching his neck over the pile of clothes to look at me.

“Nothing” I said.

In front of me was the most beautiful dress I had seen in a while. It was a black long sleeved dress, with the sleeves made out of lace, and it had a sweetheart line. It was body-hugging and, if it was the right side, it would cut off just before my thigh. Reaching to check the size, I grinned; it was perfect. I added it onto the pile, hearing Zayn grunt from struggling.

“You okay, Zayn?” I asked, smirking.

Zayn’s POV:

“You okay, Zayn?” she asked.

I couldn’t see her face, but I knew she was smirking.

“I’m fine”, I said, despite the fact that I was struggling to carry the mountain of clothes she had given me to hold for her.

“Well, let’s go to the fitting room now, I want to try them on before I buy them!”

She stacked another pair of jeans and a sweater on top of the already towering pile in my hands and, by this point, I couldn’t see where I was going at all. She came up behind me and pushed me, guiding the way to the fitting rooms. The worker was hesitant to let Tahlia in when she saw all of the clothes, but she obliged when she realized that I was Zayn Malik. Tahlia went into the dressing room, winking before she went in, and I sat down on one of the chairs outside.

She stepped out in each of the outfits, one by one, and they all looked wonderful on her. She went back into the dressing room one last time and, when she came out, I was in awe. She was wearing a black dress and she looked gorgeous.

“You like?” she asked, spinning around and striking a pose.

I laughed and nodded. She went back into the room to change, and she came out with the same amount of clothes she started with.

“You’re getting all of them still?” I asked, shocked.


I shook my head at the enormous amount of clothes she was going to buy and said “Let’s go pay”.

“Aren’t you going to go shopping?” she asked.

“Nope, I just wanted to hang out with you”, I admitted, and she blushed.

“Uh, okay, then. Let me just go pay for this real quick” she said, and we started walking towards the cashier.

We got to the front of the line and, just as she was about to pay, I shoved her aside. I tried to give my card to the cashier, but she shoved me back. We were pushing and shoving each other when I decided that enough was enough. I hoisted her onto my shoulders and she screamed.

“What is it with you and Louis lifting me?!” she squealed.

I laughed and gave my card to the cashier. Just as we were about to leave, the cashier, a woman in her forties who didn’t recognize who I was, said, “You two are so cute. How long have you two been together?”

“We’re not a couple!” Tahlia said from behind, groaning. I winked at the cashier and let Tahlia down after I had finished paying. She huffed, taking the bags from the cashier and walking away.

I laughed, walking behind her saying, “I’m sorry! Don’t be mad!”

“Augh, that’s the problem, I can’t stay mad at you”, she said punching me in the arm and pretending to be mad.

“Oh, but you love me”, I insisted.

“I guess”, she said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Yes, you do!” I said, pulling her into my arms and squeezing her.

“Zayn, let go of me or I’ll kick you in the balls!” she threatened.

“And what if I don’t want to let go?” I said in a serious manner, hoping she would get the idea.

Tahlia’s POV:

“And what if I don’t want to let go?” he said.

I stopped breathing. I felt my heart stop as he looked into my eyes.

“What would you say then?” he asked.

Still at a loss for words, I managed to smile and I felt the heat rise to my cheeks. He grinned, then cupped my face in his hands and kissed my lips gently. I kissed him back, smiling into the kiss, and I pulled away laughing.

“Babe, why are you laughing?” he asked. “Did you not want me to do that?”

“No, I did” I said. “I just can’t believe it”.

“Well, believe it” he said, walking towards me. “Because, I like you. A lot”.

He walked past me, his hand brushing my arm, and I stood in the middle of the store dumb-founded.

“Are you coming?” he asked, holding his hand out for me.

I walked towards him and entwined my fingers with his.

Jasmine’s POV:

Tahlia walked back into the apartment and I saw a smile creeping onto her face as soon as she closed the front door. The moment she dropped her bags, I bombarded her saying, “What happened?!”

I practically yelled, my desire for details growing by the minute.

“Shh…” she said, holding her finger to my lips. She looked out the window, checking to see if Zayn had gone yet.

“What’d you guys do?”

By the time she had told me about what happened, I was squealing. She told me about the clothes, the cashier, and the kiss.

“Oh my gosh, I knew it!” I said, jumping up and doing a dance. “Did he kiss you before he left?”

She didn’t respond; she only blushed, giving me my answer. I squealed again, causing her to tell me to shut up.

“Well what about you and Harry, huh?”

“What’s today’s date?” I asked her.

“July 17th, why?”

I stared at her, waiting for her to understand the importance of the date. We sat in silence for a minute until she realized what I meant, and we both held onto each other, jumping and squealing. However, my phone vibrated so I had to stop to check who it was from.

“Speak of the devil” I said, grinning.

*TEXT FROM HARRY: Babe, we need to talk… xx*
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