Please Don't Forget (Sequel To Words Can't Describe)

Peyton thought that life was going to be great as she moves to England with best friends Madi and Maddie to live with famous boyfriend Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction. Little did she know that people forget things.


5. Singing To You

The next morning I woke up to screaming. The screaming came closer and closer until it got to our room. The swung the door opened and screamed again. I ended up flying off the bed followed by Madi, then Maddie on top of her. I look up to find all the boy still covered in make-up and nail polish from last night. They didn't look to happy.


"Yeah!! And our nails too!!" Harry shouted.

"Did you check your toes?" I asked.

They all looked confused and looked down at their toes. They all screamed again.

"You guys are seriously going to break my ear drums!" Madi said.

"Well it isn't our fault you did this to us!" Louis said. "Just for that, come here. I wanna give you guys a biiigggg kiss!"

"Louis William Tomlinson don't you dare get near us!" Maddie shouted.

Then they all started for us. The girls jumped off of me and pushed me into them. I got attacked by kisses all over my face. Niall smacked a big one on my lips. At one point I felt Harry's lips touched mine. I gave him a look and he just gave me his cheeky smile.

After being showered with kissed for like 5 minutes, they finally stopped. I walked out and found that the girls hid in the bathroom. I unlocked the door and saw them both in the bathtub. I glanced in the mirror and saw that I had lipsitck everywhere on me. I looked over towards them and gave them a death glare.

"Sleep with one eye open tonight, kay?" They both looked at each other and I walked out.

I went to the kitchen and got a washtowel and cleaned my face. I got most of it off but you can still see the shape of their lips on me. They were all watching T.V. and I sat backwards and sunk down so that I was upside down on the couch. I was in between Zayn and Liam. They both looked down at me and started to chuckle.

"Don't be surprise if I'm in your guys' room tonight or the next night or the night after that."

"Why is that?" Liam asked.

"I'm gonna murder your girlfriends in their sleep since they wanted to push me into you guys and ditch me."

"Good luck with that." Zayn said.

I stuck my tongue out at them and they laughed at me. Just then someone grabbed my feet and pulled me right off the couch. My legs were resting on someone's shoulders and I was upside down still. I looked up and saw that it was Niall. I lifted myself up suprisingly and latched onto his neck with my legs still on his shoulders. I then moved my legs to his waist and wrapped them around it. I gave him a kiss on the nose and he smiled.

"So how was your morning?" He asked.

"I'm not answering your question. You should know how it was since you were involved in it!"

He just started to chuckle and carried me to the kitchen. I held onto him while he got food. He shared one of his poptarts with me and he took me downstairs to where the recording studio is. He sat me down in a chair and he pulled himself one up. He then grabbed his guitar and sat down.

"You don't mind if I sing to you right?" He asked.

"Of course not Niall! I love it when you sing."

He smiled and nodded and started to play the chords. It was one of the songs on the new album. He started to sing They Don't Know About Us. While he was singing to me, I felt the tears waiting to come pouring out. When he go to Louis' part then his again, that's when I started to really cry. Everyone else started to pile in and the boys joined in the chorus at the end of the song. After the song, I got up and hugged Niall.

"That was beautiful Niall. I love you."

"I love you too sweet heart. Wanna sing a song with me now?"

"What song?"

"How about Whiskey Lullaby since I know you love that song." He knows me too well.

With that we started to sing the song. The boys actually had us record it too. I loved this song and it was amazing singing it with him. After that we all just started to sing random songs.

About roughly an hour later we headed up stairs and ordered some pizza then played Twister. I was a beast at this game! Louis and I were the last people in and we were pretzels now. Our legs and arms are intertwined with each other. He was on top of me while I was underneath.

"Right hand blue." Liam said.

I reached over and touched the blue with ease. Louis started to struggle. Just then he lost his balance he landed straight on me. This boy's bum is huge and was crushing my insides!


"Sorry love!" He got up and reached out then pulled me up.

"I won!" I shouted.

"You got lucky!" Louis snapped back. Someone is being a bit sassy!

"You're just upset because I whooped you Mr.Sassypants!"

Louis then started running after me. I was screaming my head off and running around like a maniac. I ran outside and grabbed the hose.

"Take one step closer and you're fried. Well, soaked since this is a hose!"

He took another step and with that I sprayed him. He was completely soaked by the water and started to chase me again. He then threw me in the pool when we got into the back. Everyone came out and joined us. We just laughed and had a blast but got cold and went back inside. We got into warm pjs and for the rest of the night played cards and did some prank phone calls.

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