Please Don't Forget (Sequel To Words Can't Describe)

Peyton thought that life was going to be great as she moves to England with best friends Madi and Maddie to live with famous boyfriend Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction. Little did she know that people forget things.


28. She Needs All Of Us

Another week has passed by. One more week and they will be home. I still wondered what their news was. Whether or not if they come home next week or not. Still don't know if I'm happy with the fact they will be home or just wanting to hide away. I finally decided to go out within the week. I knew it was a bad choice because once I left the house, I was bombarded with paps. Asking a lot of those stupid questions. One of the questions hurt the most and pissed me off the most too.

"Now that Niall has a new girlfriend, are you going to hook up with Harry now since you two had a thing together?" You had no idea how much I wanted to punch him. But I did answer truthfully.

"First off, I'm not calling it a "hook up" that sounds dirty to say when it comes to someone as sweet as Harry. I get it that Niall has a new girlfriend and I do say that I'm mad at him but I also wouldn't blame him. Even if I hate him right now, I still deeply love him. And I do love Harry but I'm not ready to jump into a relationship with any one after just recently getting out of one. Now you pricks need to get a proper job instead harassing of every celeb you see. Just get out of my face before I concave it in with my fist." Then I pushed out of my way to get to my car. That was surely going to show up on TV but I don't care. People judge but I accept it after all of this happened. I honestly lost feeling after that. I became numb so a lot of stuff doesn't bug me as it did before.

Louis' P.O.V.

I'm so excited to leave for back home today! The news that management gave us was that we got off a week early. I'm so happy and ecstatic! The lads and I were just packing up our stuff when Paul walked in.

"Have you guys seen the news lately?" He asked concerned.

"No, why?" Liam asked. "What's wrong Paul?" Paul didn't say any thing, instead, he walked over to the telly and turned it on. We all sat down in front of the TV.

"You heard it yourself. Peyton Weng telling off the paps! After waking up from her coma from being sick, Peyton from the duo P.M. with fellow singer Madi Richards, was confirmed that Peyton has lost her memory. So she had no idea who any one was besides her family! She was in confinement for a good month, trying to regain her memory. But she wasn't the only one who forgot about people. Her now ex boyfriend Niall Horan has forgotten who she was as well! After getting completely wasted one night, Harry Styles found his mate making out with another woman. Horan being completely drunk forgot he had a girlfriend and told Harry "Forget that. I can't wait around any longer anymore and sit here being sorry for myself! I need to have fun!" After a week of talking to the girl he snogged with, he is now in a relationship with her and has been since. Peyton just now recently figured out her boyfriend has forgotten about her as well and was heart broken. Here are pictures of her out on her back porch crying one night."

It showed pictures of Peyton crying. She looked like a complete mess. She didn't look like the bubbly Peyton we all knew. This broke my heart.

"After the bubbly singer found out, she refused to go out for two weeks. Her band mate and other friend Maddie Fink finally got her out and going again. Sources say that she is starting to motivate herself again but writing music. But they also say that she has become completely numb. 'She never smiles anymore. Every time I see her out and about now, she would never smile for the fans any more. She has finally broke. It's like she isn't there anymore.' Sources say. Just recently Peyton was going out when she was stopped by the paps. One asked a question that must have hit her hard. Her response was this." It then showed a clip of Peyton's answer. Wow is all I have to say. "So what will happen to this duo? Is Peyton still motivated enough to sing? What about Niall? Will he ever remember his girlfriend again? If not, do you think that Harry and Peyton will get together? More news later on."

I couldn't believe what I just saw. Peyton looked like a completely different person. I looked over at the other boys and their mouths were hung down.

"That couldn't have been Peyton." Zayn said.

"She looked dead." Liam whispered.

"It was her Zayn. This has been all over the news lately. Madi called me recently and said she's really getting worried about Peyton. She feels if she leaves her alone something will happen. This is why you guys are getting off early. So you can go back home and help Peyton and because of you." He pointed at Niall. "Because of you getting shit faced and now having a new girlfriend, people are now starting to trash you guys, mostly Madi and Peyton's fans. So you guys are getting off early to let things cool down and you all better talk to Peyton. Understood?" He said firmly. We all nodded our heads. "Ok, finish packing and Niall, wake up June and tell her to get her arse moving." He nodded and got up from his spot to wake up June. Paul then walked away.

"She needs me." Harry whispered. I put my hand on his shoulder.

"She needs all of us Harry. We need to get her out of this slump."

"How will we do that?" Zayn asked.

"We have to bring back the bubbly Peyton first and get her out of her depressed state."

"How?" Liam asked.

"I'll think of something. But first, let's finish packing and leave as fast as we can. The longer we wait, the longer she gets more depressed." They all nodded and continued to pack. I hope she's ok right now.

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