Please Don't Forget (Sequel To Words Can't Describe)

Peyton thought that life was going to be great as she moves to England with best friends Madi and Maddie to live with famous boyfriend Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction. Little did she know that people forget things.


12. Plans Change

It has now been a month and we are leaving for tour in two weeks. Peyton still hasn't woken up yet. I'm losing more hope every day by the minute. Doctors determined that her chance of living is now 25%. Apparently she has been getting worse. They run test on her every day to make sure. Yet, nothing they are doing is helping. I one time broke down and started yelling at the doctors. I was losing it I have to admit. Just the thougth of losing my entire life was unbearable!

The lads and girls try to get me out more and more each day but I never want to leave her side. I was scared to. I want to be there for her first sight of the world or her last breath. I really don't know what I would do if I lost her. I don't think I would try to move on. I can't see myself with any one else really. I met a few nice girls here and there since she's been in here but nothing compared to her.

I heard on knock on the door while I was in deep thought.

"Come in."

In walked the lads and girls. They brought more flowers and stuffed animals.

"How is she doing today?" Louis asked.

"Still the same as always. Talked to the doctors today too."

Madi asked. "What did they say?"

"It's now a 25% chance of her waking up..." A tead slid down my cheek.

Liam came over and stood me up. He put both his hands on my shoulders then pulled me into a hug. I had to let it all out. I started sobbing and sobbing into his shoulder. I pulled back and saw that there was a big wet stain on his shirt.

"Sorry Li." I said wiping away the remaining tears.

"That's alright lad. I could care less about this shirt."

Madi scoffed. "I bought you that shirt!"

"And I love it as much as I love you." He said pulling her into a hug.

I put my hand out to fist bump him while she wasn't looking and mouthed the words "nice save." I sat back down at my chair and stared at Peyton. Maddie came over a slung her arms around my neck. She kissed the top of my head.

"Peyton's a fighter Ni. She'll get through this. Only time can tell."

"I know she is. But it's been about a month now. And we have to leave in two weeks. What if I don't see her awake before I leave? And when she does wake up, what if she doesn't remember us?"

"I'm sure she will Niall. Quit thinking about the negatives and try to stay happy for her sake ok?" I nodded in agreement.

We sat in the hospital for a little longer before we all had to go back and pack up for the tour. The tour is going to be 4 months long. Originally, the girls were going to record their album, then half way through the tour, they were going to join us. But plans change, ya know?

I gave Peyton a kiss on the head like I do every time I leave the room. We grabbed our things and headed home. This would be the first time I've been home since. We got to the house and everything in our room was the same. Bed made, few clothes on the floor, Peyton's girly stuff everywhere in the bathroom. I grabbed my suitcase and started to pack it up. Boxers, shirts, socks, jeans, sweats, all the needed stuff really. I looked around and try to remember if I needed anything else. My eyes then laid upon a picture. It was the first day I met the girls. The picture was surrounded by other pictures from that day as well. One was a group picture of all of us. Another was of Louis with Peyton on his back. Madi and Peyton making poses, Harry and Peyton, Zayn and Peyton, Liam and Peyton, then there was Peyton and I. She was sitting on my lap while I kissed her cheek. I grabbed the frame and a tear fell onto it. I sat down on the bed and caressed the picture with my thumb. More and more tears appeared onto it. I decided to take that picture and a few others of us with me.

I put my suit case on the bed and went down stairs to get some food. I walked into the kitchen and heard screaming. I ran into the living room and everyone was on the couch watching something.

"What are you all watching?"

"Home videos of us." Zayn said.

I grabbed a bag of chips and sat down to watch. The one they were watching first was when we all were on the tour bus playing Twister. It was Harry and Peyton left. They were intwined like a pretzel.

"You're going down Styles!" Peyton laughed.

"In your dreams!" He laughed back.

"Right foot green!" Liam shouted.

Harry went to put his foot on the green and ended up falling onto Peyton. She was laughing so hard she was crying.

"Harry, I can't breathe!"

"Sorry love!" He helped her up and then she stuck her tongue out at him.

"I win!" We all started laughing then.

The next one was when we were in the hotel in Colorado and we went late night swimming, trying not to get caught. Peyton was facing the camera towards her.

"Ok guys, we are attempting to go swimming without getting caught." She whispered.

"I think we're here!" Louis shouted.

"Louis shut up! Do you want us to get caught?!" I screamed at him.

We got to the pool and started to swim. Peyton sat the camera down so it can show all of us in the pool. Then someone walked in.

"Hey! What are you doing in here?!"

"RUN!!" Louis shouted.

We all booked it and ran for the room. The guy was on our tails but we lost him at the elevator.

"That was a close one!" Madi said.

"Right!" Zayn laughed.

We all just busted out laughing. All those memories were amazing and I started to cry again. Seeing Peyton so happy and healthy compared to now. This must be a nightmare.

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