Please Don't Forget (Sequel To Words Can't Describe)

Peyton thought that life was going to be great as she moves to England with best friends Madi and Maddie to live with famous boyfriend Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction. Little did she know that people forget things.


2. Phsyco Fan!

Peyton's P.O.V.

I woke up feeling better than ever! I was in such a good mood that I don't think anything could go wrong today. I went to take a shower and just put on some sweats and a t-shirt. I threw my hair up in a bun and walked back into the room. Niall was sitting up in the bed looking at his phone. I ran over to him and sat in his lap. He sat his phone down and hugged me tightly putting his face into my neck. I love his hugs! He started to kiss my neck working his way up to my lips. He kissed me softly and started for entrance. I let him and we were just completely making out right now. He started to pull at my shirt but I just took a shower and really don't want to, well now, probably later. I pulled away and gave him another kiss before getting up.

"Not now. I just took a shower and we can later tonight." I winked at him and went downstairs. I saw Liam making breakfast while Madi was sitting on the counter. I walked over to her and put my arms around her waist. You know that thing about "Larry Stylinson", well, Madi and I are the girl version.

"Morning my love." I said to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning sugarbear!" She said giving me a kiss as well. She wrapped her legs around me and had her hands around my neck.

"Liam, I'm taking your girlfriend." He just laughed as he continued to cook.

I walked into the living room where everyone else was at. I sat Madi down on Louis' lap while I sat down on Harry's. He looked up at me and smiled while wrapping his arms around me. Niall must be in the shower right now because he was the only one not here with us at the time being.

"Breakfast is ready!" Liam shouted from the kitchen.

We all sprinted for the kitchen to get some pancakes. I drizzled mine in syrup and had butter on them. I was stuffing them into my mouth and they were amazing!

"These are awesome Li!" I said with pancake in my mouth still.

"Thanks Pey!"

After breakfast we decided to go shopping for a little bit. We all got ready and the boys wore hoddies with sunglasses. So did us girls since everyone knew we were their girlfriends. We arrived at the mall and were just shopping for a little. Louis took his hood and glasses off at one point and that set a fan off.

"OH MY GOD YOU'RE LOUIS TOMLINSON!!! OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU!" Fans and more fans were coming. Greeeaatttt. They started to notice the other boys too. The girls and I were just standing in the back when someone started to tug on me. I turned around and it was a girl about my age. She looked pissed.

"Aren't you Niall's girlfriend?"

"Why does it matter to you?"

Just then she slapped me across the face. Just slapped me! Madi and Maddie's mouths were dropped and so was mine.

"Stay away from him and the others." She then spit at me and turned away. Ain't no one getting away from this! I turned her around and slapped her across the face. She then tackled me to the ground. She was clawing at me and pulling my hair. I flipped over and started to punch her. Just then the boys came over and pulled me off of her. Harry was holding me back.

"You little slut!" She screamed at me.

"I hope you go to hell bitch!" I screamed back as the pulled me away.

"What was that all about?!" Zayn asked.

"I don't know! We were standing there and all of a sudden she slapped me and spit in my face! So I decided to whoop her!"

"Peyton, you're bleeding." Niall said.

I looked down at my hands and touched my face. I winced at the pain. I have to say she could really hit.

"Let's get home and patch you up." Liam said.

With that, we left. When we got home, Niall walked me into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw that my hair was everywhere. I had cuts and my cheek was swelled up. My nose was bleeding and so were the cuts. Niall took out the first-aid kit and started to wash my face off. He put some bandages on me and we walked back into the living room.

"We aren't going to do anything tonight again are we?" He asked.

"Don't think so." He became sad. I kissed him and we sat in the living room. Everyone was watching a movie.

I cuddled up to Niall on the sectional and started to fall asleep. If I ever run into that girl again, she better hope we are near a hospital! I will legitly hurt her!

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