Please Don't Forget (Sequel To Words Can't Describe)

Peyton thought that life was going to be great as she moves to England with best friends Madi and Maddie to live with famous boyfriend Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction. Little did she know that people forget things.


34. Not By A Long Shot

"Ahhhhhhh!!!" I screamed as loud as I could.

"What?! What's going on?!" Zayn shot up from his sleep. I looked over and saw everyone starting to get up. I cried and screamed again.

"Love, what's-" Harry didn't even continue his sentence once he looked at me. My hair was cut in so many different places. My long, wavy, strawberry blonde hair ruined!!

"Who the hell did this?!" I cried. "I'll fucking slit your throat if you don't confess now!" Everyone looked baffled until my eyes landed on a smirking June.

"You bitch!" I pounced at her. I got on top and was about to throw a punch when Liam pulled me off.

"Niall, help! Tame that beast!" She shrieked for him.

"I'll fucking rip your head off you slut!" I shouted. I was trying so hard to get out of Liam's grip but it wasn't working. He ended up dragging me into the kitchen followed by Louis, Harry, and Madi. Once he sat me on the counter, I started bawling my eyes out. Madi came over and hugged me. I sobbed into her shoulder.

"That bitch will pay P, trust me." She softly said to me.

"As much as I would agree with you. I suggest not to do anything." Louis said.

"Why not?! Like what she did to her hair!"

"I know, I know. But we don't want anything going out if Peyton tries to kill her." We all sighed in defeat.

"What am I suppose to do with my hair now?"

"Why don't you get ready and go to the salon to get it fixed up." Liam smiled warmly. I smiled and nodded. Everyone cleared out except for Harry. He came over and sat between my legs. He lifted his fingers and wiped away the remaining tears. Leaning forward, he lightly kissed my lips.

"If you want, I can take you babe." He smiled at me.

"No, it's fine." I sniffed. "I'll just have one of the girls take me." I leaned forward and hugged him. I felt his hands left up my shirt slightly, rubbing the revealed skin on my waist.

"I wish she would just leave already." I whispered in his neck.

"We all do love. But her and Niall are together. We don't really have much say in it." He muffled in my now disturbing hair. I sighed. I gave Harry a kiss on the neck as I felt him lift me off the counter. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He used his back to push the door open. I turned my head away from his neck and saw everyone looking at me. I even notice June was so I gave her the bird once Harry went to the stairs.

Harry led us to our room and sat me on the bed. He then sat down with me. He put his arms around me as I leaned my head on his shoulder.

"Would you like to go out on our date tonight Peyton?" I looked up at him and smiled.

"I would love to Harry. I first have to take care of my hair." I giggled and gave him a peck on the lips. He then started to kiss my lips again. Putting more lust into it. He leaned me back so I was lying down. Breaking apart our lips, he slowly started kissing my neck. He hit my sweet spot and I moaned. I could feel his smirk in my neck. He then proceeded on that same spot, making me moan even more. Once he was done he blew air on it making me form goosebumps. He looked back into my eyes and kissed me very sweetly on the lips.

"Did you leave a love bite?" I whispered against his lips.

"May be." He winked and pulled away.

"Great. Now I'm gonna get interrogated by my hairdresser." I said sarcastically. He just chuckled. We got up and went back downstairs. I saw that Maddie and Madi were with their boyfriends cuddled up. I grabbed my car keys and looked at them.

"Salon?" They both smiled and got up to get their shoes. Niall then approached me.

"Peyton. I'm so sorry. I didn't think she would stoop that low. I'm terribly sorry." I put my hand up to stop him.

"I don't need your apology Niall. You didn't do it. But thank you for the consideration." I smiled. He gave me a hug and pulled away. I noticed his smile faded once he looked at my neck. I then realized of what Harry left. I looked sheepishly away and he just kinda walked off. Why am I feeling guilty? I mean, he has a girlfriend. Plus he told me to be free.

I saw that the girls were ready so I gave Harry a quick kiss and we left. We listened to the radio and talked about the random shit we always do. I swear, I love these girls. We got there and the hairdressers gave me horrified looks.

"Sweetie, what happened?"

"My ex's psychotic girlfriend, that's who." They giggled.

"C'mon girl. We're gonna fix you right up." So they washed my hair for me. Then I got sat in one of those chairs. She looked at my hair in different angles and then started to cut.

About almost two hours later, my hair was done. I looked in the mirror and I swear it didn't look like me anymore. My hair was to my shoulders but it was in layers. She gave me side bangs that went over my forehead due to my part. And then she gave me low lights. I saw Maddie and Madi's reflection in the mirror and they gave me thumbs up. I gave them a toothy grin and thanked my hair dresser. I paid and then we left.

"Peyton, your hair looks amazing!" Maddie chirped.

"Yeah. Harry will definitely won't keep his paws off you now." Madi smirked. I reached over and smacked her boob. We all then laughed. June thinks she won this round, but not by a long shot.

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