Please Don't Forget (Sequel To Words Can't Describe)

Peyton thought that life was going to be great as she moves to England with best friends Madi and Maddie to live with famous boyfriend Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction. Little did she know that people forget things.


29. My Way Of Coping

Harry P.O.V.

Today we were leaving the tour so we go home early. One, to go home and take care of Peyton. Second, so the media can die down from hate we're starting to receive since Niall and June got together. I'm just happy to see Peyton, Madi, and Maddie again after so long. I just hope they are all ok. We didn't want to tell them that we are coming home early because we want to surprise them when we get home. I don't know how thrilled they'll be but let's hope they are!

We're on the plane right now flying back home. I was sitting next to Louis with Zayn and Liam in front of us and in front of them was Niall and June. I pulled out and did a Vine. Then I went on Twitter to see what's new. All of the girls tweeted.

@Madii7: Just one more week before @onedirection come home!! :D Get to see my Batman again @Real_Liam_Payne!(: <3 #excited

@MaddiePaigee: I need some mozzarella sticks right now! But any ways, @onedirection will be home in a week! I love you babe! @zaynmalik <3 #hungry

@Peyton_Weng5: I'm trying guys.. I really am. Everything is really hard honestly. Just gonna go back to writing some more. New music for you guys while it's my savor. #findingmyself xx

I feel miserable seeing her like this. I'm hoping Niall won't break up with June to get back together with Peyton. I should have the chance to be with her. Niall blew it with her; she deserves so much better than that. 

I put on my headphones and just laid back. Hoping this flight won't take long. 

Peyton's P.O.V.

I've been writing non-stop with the songs lately. I guess it's the only way for me to cope with all of this. After the whole pap thing and it getting on the news, management told me that I should stay out of sight for at least a week. It's almost been a week I guess but I still refuse to leave now. I like being in my own world for a little bit. It's actually soothing. All I do is write music while relaxing and having Madi and Maddie bring me food every now and then. Haha, Madi is willing to do it because that means she doesn't have to worry about the songs now lately.

The boys are suppose to be home within a week. Yay for me.. This is going to be really hard. Just then my phone was going off. Harry was calling me.


"Hey Peyton, how are you?"

"I've been better. What about you?"

"I'm doing alright. Just missing you."

"How sweet. So how is the tour?"

"It's doing great so far! Beautiful cities."

"Probably beautiful girls too huh?"

"No one is as beautiful as you Peyton." Just then I heard laughing. The phone was getting muffled. I heard someone shout my name. "Hi Peyton!" I giggled.

"Who was that?"

"Sorry babe, that was Louis. Did you just laugh?"

"It's fine, tell him I said hi back. And yes, so?"

"Ok and I was just wondering, when was the last time you laugh?"

"You've been watching the news huh?" The silence is all the answer I need. "Yeah, it's the first time I did in weeks actually."

"That's great! Hey babe, we just got to our next location. I have to go now ok? I love you Kitty!"

"Ok, I love you too Haz. Have fun."

"Will do. Bye love."


Then we hung up. I got bored of sitting there so I decided to walk downstairs. Madi and Maddie were sitting on the couch watching a movie. Once I sat down they looked over at me.

"I was just about to make you food. Got bored?" Madi said.

"It's fine. And yeah. Harry called me."

"Really? What did he say?" Maddie asked.

"Just to check up on me, that's all. I heard Louis and that made me laugh." Those two had the biggest smiles on their face ever. "What?"

"You laughed. That's great!" Madi said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now go make me some food peasant!" Just got up from her spot and went into the kitchen. Maddie and I played the Kinetic for a while until we had to eat. Madi made some spaghetti and it was amazing! We sat down and turned on some sports and relaxed. I was getting tired when I heard the front door unlock. I jumped to Madi, which Madi jumped to Maddie. We all got scared and huddled in the corner of the couch. Who is getting in our house and why?


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