Please Don't Forget (Sequel To Words Can't Describe)

Peyton thought that life was going to be great as she moves to England with best friends Madi and Maddie to live with famous boyfriend Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction. Little did she know that people forget things.


14. Last Good Bye

I woke up that morning hoping to see her face smiling. But when I did, her eyes were closed. I let out a big sigh and covered her up more. She still had the necklace I gave her the day she said yes to me. I have worn mine everyday and so has she. She also wears a promise ring that she got both of us. Today is the day I'm leaving for tour. 4 months without her. I grabbed my phone and decided to tweet.

@NiallOfficial: Today is the day we leave for tour! Was hoping for @Peyton_Weng5 would be awake by now :'( </3. I miss her so much!</3 #MissMyPrincess

After tweeting, I got a lot of responses saying how sorry they were, wishing for the best and what not. I put my phone away and turned on the news. A story about Peyton was up.

"1D star's Niall Horan's leading lady Peyton Weng has been in the hospital for over a month now. Sources say that she came down with the flu then every thing took a turn for the worse. Right now, she has been in a coma since they first week she arrived at the hosptial. 'Niall hasn't left her side since she has arrived. He's been there everyday, waiting for her to wake up.' Says the source. They also said 'The worse part is that he has to leave for tour while she is in this condition. There isn't anything he can do at this point.' Do you think that Peyton will wake up soon? Would she even remember her boyfriend? More news about the couple will come soon."

I turned off the T.V. and just broke down again. Would she even remember me? What if I come back and she has moved on? What if I move on? I wouldn't do that to her though, knowing she is like this and if she did remember. My phone went off and it was Twitter, it was a tweet from Madi.

@Madii7: Seeing @Peyton_Weng5 & @NiallOfficial today for the last time together</3 Why can't she just wake up already?! He needs her! #WakeUpNiallsPrincess

After her tweet sent, #WakeUpNiallsPrincess started trending, like really fast! It made me smile to see that my fans really care about her. They were practically her fans now as well. I got my clothes and went to go get dressed. I came back out and saw that the nurses gave me my food for today. I ate then finished getting ready. It was only 11:30 when I was done. I decided to sing to Peyton before the others came here. I grabbed my guitar and started to sing Little Things to her.

I was in the middle of the song when the others walked in. They came over where I was and joined in.

"You'll never love yourself as half much as I love you. And you'll never treat yourself right but darling I want you to. If I let you know, I'm here for you. May be you'll love yourself like I love you. Ohh. And I just let these little things, slip out of my mouth. Cause it's you. Oh it's you. It's you they add up too. And I'm in love with you and all these little things. I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth. Cause it's you. It's you. It's you they add up to. And I'm in love with you. And all your little things."

I put my guitar down, stood up, and we all group hugged and cried together. We all pulled away and wiped away the tears.

"I'm so sorry Niall." Madi said.

"It's fine." I sniffled.

"No it's not. You're leaving today and she isn't awake. I'm truly sorry." She came up and hugged me.

"Just let me know when she wakes up ok? Hopefully really soon."

"I will. Don't worry. She's in good hands and I promise not to let anything happen to her ok?"

"Ok, thank you."

"Anything for you Nialler."

We all sat down and talked for a while. We played a few games and listened to music. They stayed with me the entire time before we had to leave. The time was ticking. It was 4:30 now and we had to leave. It takes us about 25 minutes to get to the airport and we have to be there by 5:30. We got up and walked over to Peyton. Each one of us gave her something. Louis went first and gave her a carrot and a pea with faces on them. It had their names on them. He kissed her forehead and said.

"I love you SweetPea. Forever and always, wake up soon because your BooBear needs you! Good bye Peyton."

Next went Liam. He gave her a picture of both of them dressed up as batman and spiderman. He then gave her a mini batman and spiderman holding hands. He kissed her forehead too and said.

"I'll always be here for you Spiderwoman. I'm just one signal away. I love you Peyton. Good bye."

Then went Zayn. He gave her a picture of them fixing each other's hair after sleeping for so long. He gave her his varsity jacket since she would always steal it anyways. He leaned down and kissed her head.

"It's gonna be lonely knowing I don't have my hair buddy with me. I love you Peyton. See you soon."

After Zayn was Harry. He gave her a picture of them together. It was a collage of pictures. One of when he fell asleep and thought she was a pillow. Another of both of them sleeping and cuddled up together. Him holding her bridal style. Kissing her on the cheek. Her playing with his hair while his head was in her lap. And just a regular one of them sitting down with his arm around her. He also gave her a stuffed animal kitten with a collar that had her name on it.

"You'll always be my kitty. Forever. I love you Peyton." He kissed her cheek and a tear fell onto her face.

Finally, it was me. I gave her my snapback that she always loved. A 4 leaf clover stuffed animal with our initials on it. And a collage of pictures too. My favorite was when we first got into a fight and she stormed out of the house. It was pouring rain that day. I stopped her and she was crying. She kept on ranting on and I shut her up with kissing her. We were kissing passionately in the rain.

I grabbed her hand and held it, caressing it with my thumb. I leaned down so our foreheads were touching.

"I love you so much Princess. You mean the world to me. I promise that I won't forget. Just promise me you won't either. I want to be here when you wake up but I can't and it kills me. I love you so so so much Peyton. This isn't good bye either." I placed my lips onto her forehead, cheeks, nose, then her lips. Feeling her kiss one last time until 4 months.

I walked away and didn't look back. The girls took us to the airport and we were all crying. Once we got there, we all gave each other hugs and kisses saying our fare wells for now. We boarded the private jet and I just put on my music and played mine and Peyton's favorite songs. I had to keep wiping away the tears. I look around and saw the others crying too. I turned my head back around and kept my eyes on outside. Knowing, it might be a last good bye for her...

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