Please Don't Forget (Sequel To Words Can't Describe)

Peyton thought that life was going to be great as she moves to England with best friends Madi and Maddie to live with famous boyfriend Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction. Little did she know that people forget things.


1. Different Place, Different Life

As I'm walking off the plane, so many things rush into my head. I can't believe that I'm finally here! I wonder how life will be here than it was back in the U.S. We grabbed our luggage and headed for the limo. Right now, the lads share a house. We plan on buying a bigger one since ya know, they are 3 more people with us now including myself. It took us about 20 minutes to get from the airport to their house. I sprinted out of the limo and into the house. It was beautiful inside! I couldn't believe that I was actually going to live here now! I set my luggage down and looked around. There was a upstairs and a downstairs. Upstairs, there was the boys' rooms plus a bathroom. The living room had a flat screen with stereos on each side. There was a sectional which could probably fit all of us too. The kitchen had an island and outside of it was a dinner table. I went downstairs and there was a pool table with another flat screen and couch. The place was incredible.

When I was admiring the scenery I got the pee scared out of me when someone came up behind me and spun me around.

"So, what do you think babe?" Niall asked.

"I love it! It's amazing here." I said with my slight new British and some Irish accent.

Since Madi and I been hanging out with the boys for so long, we started to develop an accent now. I still have my American accent and so does she but we are losing it more and more each day.

"I'm glad you do!"

I turned around and gave him a gentle kiss. We rejoined everyone in the living room area where all of them are sitting on the sectional. They were all in a deep conversation. I went and sat by Madi.

"What do you think of it so far boo?" I asked her.

"It's fantastic sugarbear!" She responded.

I laughed and noticed that Harry was in deep thought. I got up from my spot and went over to him.

"Everything ok Haz?"

"Huh?... Erm... Yeah, it's fine."

"Ya sure?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, really..."

"If you say so..."

I went upstairs and decided that I needed to take a shower. I hopped in and let the warm water hit my skin. I was in there for a good 30 minutes. I got dressed and put my hair in a bun and went to mine and Niall's room. I saw him laying down on the bed under the covers on his phone. I crawled underneath the covers and layed on top of him.

"Well, hello there!" He laughed.


He put his phone down and wrapped his arms around me. We layed there for a while until he spoke up.

"Ya know, we never finished where we left off back in the U.S..." He trailed off. I looked up at him and he was grinning.

"Not tonight babe. I'm tired and just want to lay here." I leaned up and gave him a kiss.

"Ok, ok. But we will finish right?" All I did was giggle. "Is that a yes?"

"I'm going to sleep Niall."

I heard him groan and I just giggled again.

Madi's P.O.V.

Liam and I were just laying in bed down cuddling. We were watching a movie at the time being. Toy Story obviously. Liam shifted his position so he was facing me now. I turned my body so I was doing the same.

"So what do you think of the house love?" He asked me.

"I love it. It's cray cray!" He chuckled.

"I love you Madi."

"I love you too Li. Always have and always will!"

He gave me a soft kiss on the lips and we continued to watch the movie.

Zayn's P.O.V.

Maddie and I were laying down while I was holding her close to my body. I really never wanted to let go of her. Ever since meeting her, I fell more in love with her every day I spend with her. She's truly amazing and I would be devestated if I ever lost her.

While we were laying down, she was playing with one of my hands while the other was stroking her hair. I gave her a kiss on the neck and she giggled.

"How lucky could I have gotten to met someone like you?" I whispered into her ear.

"You aren't just the lucky one here. I thought I was happy before but now. It's unexplainable how I feel now."

"I love you Maddie with all of my heart. Every last bit of it."

"I love you too Zayn. Every last bit of my heart as well."

I leaned over and gave her a kiss and we both fell asleep.

Harry's P.O.V.

I can't get over Peyton. I need to make her mine soon or I'll go insane. I don't want anyone else besides her. I haven't felt like this really about anyone and I've been putting out other girls who have been trying to get my attention. All those girls remind me of her. She needs to know that I'm not gonna stop until she looks at me the way she looks at Niall.

Louis' P.O.V.

Harry and I are the only single lads in the house now and I know he doesn't want to try to get another girl either unless it's Peyton. I need a girlfriend........ Forever alone at the moment

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