forever but never

a girled name ashlyne miller lived a regular life she lived in alaska then moved to washington in america she meets a blodie that shes loved forever i it detnie or not


1. moving

ashlynes pov

I was moving to washington with my mom i didnt want to but had to i was going to miss my best friend. i was at the airport getting on the plane ready to leave. i was ont her plan for 2 hours i slept like usally. and i arrived to see my mom waiting for me

mom: how was plane ride

ashlyne: good i slept the whole time but yah what ever

mom: well i got a suprise for you i got one direction tickets

ashlyne: you did what saets

mom: i got back stage passed and front row plz dont screamm


mom:i told you not to sream and it is tomarrow night so lets go shopping for come clothes for concert

next day.......

i woke up the next day and called my best friend she screamed in my ear then i just hung up.

i went took a shower did my make up eat brackfest then did hair then eat lunch then i called my dad and told hime what i was doing today (dad lives in alaska)

we talked for liike 5 hours  than i put my dress on

and went to concert i didnt have any friends yet so i just went by myself which was good cuz my mom only bougt 1 ticket

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