forever but never

a girled name ashlyne miller lived a regular life she lived in alaska then moved to washington in america she meets a blodie that shes loved forever i it detnie or not


2. concert

i was waiting in line to go in the key areana i got my seat and texted my friend and then i heard i beep beep and look to my left and there was my best friend


carley: you mom called me and asked me to suprise you ive missed you

ashlyne: ive missed you to my mom is so awesome

the opening act came out but i wasnt paying attention i was to busy talking to carley and then the announcer said

anouncer: are u ready for the one the onloy one direction

the adiouce scream so loud i got a really bad head ach then they started sing what makes you beutiful then they at the end of the concert they played rock me my faverite song then i went backk stage with my back stage pass it was awesome the i saw them they were talking to other fansthen they stoped when they saw me and carley we both giggled and walk over


liam niall harry louis zyan:hi what your guyses names

ashlyne:my name is ashlyn marie miller

carley:my name is carley ann hansen

we talked about random stuff then they ask us to hang at there hotle with them and i said ok.





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