Is someone else calling you baby?

Cami has just been cheated on by long time boyfriend Harry styles. Then she starts to fall for his best friend and band mate Liam Payne. Does Liam love her back?? Or will they stay best friends?? Or will Harry come back for her and try to get her back??


2. Chapter 2

*a week later*
I finally stopped crying and I have grown closer with Liam I know I can trust him and Harry stays away from me and I'm glad I want nothing to do with him. I mean 10 months ago my boyfriend Josh Cheats on me with my best friend Harry finds me. He gives me compliments and comforts me then he goes and cheats on me just like Josh. Liam might not do that with his beautiful shaved head that he works and his hot abs and his sweetness- wait! What am I saying?? He is my best friend he would never like me like that would he??
"Hey Cami" Liam says with that sweet voice of his as he walks in the room and sits on the couch beside me
"Hey Li Li what's up" I say about as smoothly as I can at this point with him so close to me and my hormones raging and me just wanted to grab him and kiss him. Keep control Cami
" So I was wondering-" he starts but I cut him off with my lips crashing into his. I imagine he is gonna push me back and be like 'Gross!!' But what he did surprised me he kissed back and pushed me back so I was laying on the couch and he continued to kiss me and he got on top of me but he stopped and asked nervously
"Hey Cam will you be my girlfriend"
"Yea I will Liam" I said
"Good" he said then continued to kiss me which ended up me taking him to my room and I think you know what ��������
Harry's P.O.V
I was really thirsty and tired of sitting up here alone so I walked downstairs and there it was the sight that heart my heart so bad Cami and Liam making out and what hurt me the worst is what I heard next
"Hey Cam will you be my girlfriend" Liam asked
"Yea I will Liam" She said
"Good" He said and they continued to make out and I ran up quietly to my room and I cried and cried. I know what your probably thinking why is it breaking your heart when you cheated on her and dumped her harshly. Well to be honest I was being a butt hole yea I know but when I don't have sex for a while my hormones rage and I do stupid stuff and say rude things that I will regret later. Well this is one of those times I regret but I need to get Cami back but how??
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