Truly Madly Deeply.

18 year old Lilly Ellington never had much luck with boys, at all. Then, one day, just as she lost all hope, she literally runs into Harry. Harry Styles that is, and he changes her life forever. And I do mean forever.


5. "Save You Tonight"

I woke up to the sound of Harry and Heather laughing. I wrapped myself in my robe and walked into the main room. "What's so funny?" I sat next to Harry and he pulled me close. "Heather was just telling me some funny stories about you." I blushed and Heather was looking at the floor. I got up and ran back into my room. I sat on the bed and wondered what she had told him. Harry sat next to me on the bed and pulled me in his lap. "Why did you run out like that?" He wrapped his arms around my waist.  "I just embarrass easy, that's all." He rested his chin on my shoulder and said, "The stories only made you 10x cuter. Like how your wallas at home are plastered with posters, and the time you tripped that 12 year old so she wouldn't get the last Harry Styles doll at the mall. It makes me so happy to know that my girlfriend supports my band." He crashed his lips on my neck leaving several small hickeys. I turned around and we started making out. I pushed him down on the bed, without breaking the kiss, and laid on top of him. I got up after five minutes and walked in the bathroom. "Where you going?" He asked from the bedroom. "Give me 45 minutes." I looked at myself in the mirror. I hadn't taken my makeup off from last night so I looked like a zombie. "Why did Harry choose me? He could have Taylor and he choose me." I whispered to myself in disbelief. I lifted my shirt up at stared at my curvy, flat, and tanned stomach. I spent all spring trying to get this thin for Summer and it payed off. I took my makeup off, showered, brushed my teeth, put makeup on, and got dressed. I walked out in white shorts and a black crop top. I straightened my hair and pulled back with a bright red bow. "You look great." Harry smiled. "Do we need to stop by your hotel so you can change?" I asked leaving red lipstick stains on his cheek. "Yeah, and I need to tell the boys where I'll be." I stared at his lips. I couldn't resist them. They were so cute, and lush, and delicious. I gave into my temptations and smashed or lips together. I wrapped my legs around his torso and ran my fingers through his curls. I felt his boner on my inner thigh. "Harry!" I got off the bed. "Let's go!"

We left my hotel and started for his. His hotel was only about ten minutes away so we just walked. We walked hands intertwined and my head on his shoulder. Only a few fans took pictures, nothing got to out of hand. Their rooms were on the top floor to prevent anyone from sneaking up there. You had to have a pass thingy to get on the floor anyway. "Boys, you remember Lilly from the studio." After he said that I could feel 4 eyes burning on my legs. Harry walked back to change. "Hi." I said looking around. Louis was staring at me. "Nice arse on that one, yeah?" He laughed. "Hey uh Niall, sorry for kissing you. You were the closest one to me. I was trying to get back at Harry. I was being immature." I stopped talking because the were all staring at my chest. I thought Louis was going to run over to me and start eating my chest. I tried to make conversation then I got an idea. Heather is obsessed with Niall, and she would kill me if I didn't say anything to him about her. "Niall, my friend Heather is crazy about the band, but you specifically. Um, do you think you could take her on a date. It's been awhile if you know what I mean." I awkwardly giggled. "Sure mate. Do you have a picture?" I nodded and showed him the picture from the beach from spring break. His jaw dropped. "Her hair is so pretty, she has a nice smile, and her eyes." He stopped and put his hand over his pants. "God Niall, not front of the lady." He calmed himself down and carried on about her. "Her body is amazing, her lips are just wow, and her smile is just phenomenal. Can I have her number?" I nodded and he called her. Harry finally came out. "Whose Niall on the phone with?" I showed him the picture. "They would actually get along very well. Lilly Ellington, Matchmaker." He joked. "Hey mates, we're going to go out for awhile. Ring me if you need me back." "Bye, guys. Nice meeting you." I said as we left. "Have fun." Louis said as Harry closed the door.

When we left his hotel we were bombarded with paparazzi and screaming fans. Harry put his arm on my back protecting me from the crowd. "Can we please get through?" Harry asked aggressively. "Not without a kiss." Someone said from behind. I knew that voice. I turned around to see none other than Taylor Swift. "What are you doing?" Harry asked her trying to get us away. "I saw the picture from last night. I wanna see the real thing. C'mon Harry show us your girlfriend." She said the word as if it were a joke. There were a million thoughts running through my mind. I was confused and dazed and I didn't know what to do. Then, out of nowhere, Harry picked me up and kissed him in front of everyone. At first I was scared, but then I let myself completely dissolve into him. We stayed melted in each other for a good minute or two before letting go. Taylor stood there completely astonished. "Harry Styles you are a player and a whore!" She yelled. I would be damned if I let her say that about in front of everyone. "Taylor Swift you are a naive girl who gets around and can't keep it in your pants. Let's go Harry." We walked away hearing people yell at her "Burn" and "You got owned by a Brit." Once we got far enough away from the crowd, we both busted into laughter. We had to sit down because we were laughing so hard. We calmed down after 10 minutes and started walking again. "Where are we going?" I asked him as he took my hand in his. "Well we can do a manor of things, it's New York." I smiled and him and stopped walking. "What's wrong?" I smiled at the ground. "I just wanna kiss you that's all." He put his arm around ym waist and pulled me close. He leaned his head down and I stood on my tippy toes and we kiss like that for three minutes. "I didn't realize how tall you are Styles." I laughed and we made our way to Central Park. We got ice cream and rented bikes. We rode around the park until Harry got a phone call. It was Paul. "Styles. Hotel. Now. Bring the girl."

When we got there, there was a tense feeling in the air. "Whats happened?" Harry asked and led me to a couch. "3 things." Paul said. "1. The entire Taylor Swift fan base hates you for what you did. However, you didn't do jack shit, so they can get over it. 2. Your girlfriend has some backbone to sat that in front of everyone. Welcome to the family Lillian. 3. I just wanted to tell you how happy we all are that you found Lilly. The boys say she's sweet and yes, you are very pretty. Not to mention Niall has been on the phone with your friend since you two left. Lilly, we all wanted to say thank you for standing up for Harry. You really did save him tonight." Paul smiled and Harry pulled me off the couch and wrapped me in his strong arms. "Thank you."

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