Truly Madly Deeply.

18 year old Lilly Ellington never had much luck with boys, at all. Then, one day, just as she lost all hope, she literally runs into Harry. Harry Styles that is, and he changes her life forever. And I do mean forever.


6. "Live While We're Young"

I stayed the night at Harry's hotel and we were up till 3am. We couldn't keep our hands off each other. We wrestled and cuddled. It was a great night. We finally fell asleep and woke up at 12. "Hey baby, do you want to go out tonight?" Harry asked me as a rolled over in his bed. "Where?" I kissed him good morning. "The boys want to go clubbing. Oh and Niall wants Heather to come." He says as he gets out of bed. "Yeah, I'll go, but I have to go to my place to get clothes." He nodded and he got ready. Once we were both presentable we left for my hotel. Hopefully there won't be anyone looking for a picture." I said as we walked along. We were fortunate and made it to the hotel without any commotion. "Hey Heather." Harry said as I opened the door. She ran up to me and squeezed the life out of me."Thank you so so so so much for setting me up with Niall. We have been talking nonstop." She let go of me, then hugged me again. "He wants you to go clubbing with us tonight." I say shooing her off. "He asked for you personally." Harry added. She squealed. "You're joking!" He shook his head and she ran in her room. "Come to my room and help me pick something out." I grabbed his hand and pulled him in my room. Once I closed the door he pushed me against the door and he kissed me. Very roughly. "Strawberry, you smell so good." He kissed my neck and I ran my fingers through his hair. "Harry, stop." I say getting wet. "What is it?" He pulls away. "I'm not ready yet. I want to do it with you, I really do. But I'm scared. I don't want to get hurt." I walked toward the bed and sat down. He followed and put his hand on my knee. "I would never hurt you. I'll wait for you, babe. I promise, there is no rush." He planted a kiss on my cheek and walked in my closet. He came back out with a tight black dress, that stopped in the middle of my thigh, the back was a deep "V", and it had red sleeves. "This!" He shouted playfully. I grabbed it. "Shoes!" I said and he ran back to the closet. He came out with a pair of 3 inch black heels. "Perfect, now jewelery." He went back once again and came out with small black hoops, a silver infinity sign necklace, and a red bracelet. "You've got a good eye Styles." I joked and walked in the bathroom. I gathered all my makeup, hair stuff, everything, put it all in one of my bags and walked out. Harry was looking through my underwear. "Harry!" He was holding my black and cheetah print thong. "Wear this!" He handed it to me and I put in my bag. I got some pj's and put them in there too. I walked in Heathers room and told her to pack a bag. She got an outfit for the club, her bathroom stuff, and pajamas. We left and headed for his hotel again. There weren't any paps or fans so we got there quick. Harry led us to his room. "Heather, play cool. Don't say anything to him. Just stay quiet, okay? Let it be a surprise. You too Harry." I told them before we walked in. "Hey guys!" I said and greeted them all with hugs. Niall wasn't in there, but all the boys were giggling when they saw Heather. She stayed quiet like I said. When Niall walked in and saw her sitting at the table. "H-Heather?!" He shouted and grabbed her. "You're so much prettier in person." He started squeezing her and kissing her on the cheek. "Kiss me already!" She yelled and they kissed. She looked so happy during the kiss, so did Niall. They kissed for quite sometime before Paul interrupted them. "Lou, Eleanor is on the phone." He smiled and shot up. "Baby!" We heard him yell from his room. It was already 3pm. "What time are we going out?" I asked as I sat next to Liam on the couch. "Like 8-ish." Zayn said from the other couch. I nodded and went to pee. I came back and heard Harry talking. I stopped and listened quietly. "Guys, I really like her. She makes me feel amazing. Her lips are so soft, I could kiss them all day. I want to show her how much I like her, but she's scared. I'm going to wait, she's worth it, but I think I might be falling in love with her. She's so amazing." I was smiling like crazy. "You guys are really adorable. I'm glad you're finally happy Haz. You guys deserve each other." Liam said. "I have to admit, I was a tad bit jealous, lad. She's sexy." Zayn added. I rolled my eyes and sat on his lap. "What are we going to do all day?" I asked tracing circles on Harry's thigh. "Stay inside and wait for 8pm to roll around." Liam laughed and turned on the telly. "Lilly Ellington caught leaving One Direction member Harry Styles hotel in the clothes she came in. Scandal or relationship? We have all the details here." We heard the news reported say. "Uh-oh." Louis said walking in from his room. "Nah, I'm not worried. I want them to know. She's my girlfriend and I'm proud." He nuzzled his nose in my shoulder and grabbed me tighter. The boys all mocked us, but I didn't care.

8 o'clock finally rolled around and Heather and I got dressed. "So is Niall a good kisser?" I asked as I undressed. "Amazing. He asked me to be his girlfriend! How did we end up with these boys?" She asked in disbelief. "I don't know, but I'm happier than I have ever been." I squeezed into the dress Harry picked out. "Your boobs and butt look amazing, Lilly. He picked a good dress out!" Heather laughed. "What did you bring?" She pulled out a skin tight cheetah skirt and a black tube top. "Isn't it cute?" She asked holding the outfit up. "Yeah, I got it for you last year." She wore red flats and no jewelery. She curled her brown hair and I straightened my blond hair. We put on our makeup and I slipped the thong on. "Harry pick that out?" She laughed and I nodded. We were ready at 9:15. "Finally!" Liam, Louis, and Zayn shouted. We ran over to our boyfriends. Harry wore a stripped shirt, with a grey jacket, and black pants. Niall wore a black v-neck and baggy khakis. "Lets go!" Liam said ushering us to a cab. We all squeezed in one car. I was in Harry's lap, Heather in Niall's. We went to Santos Party House. The cover charge was 10$, but we go in free since they were famous and all. Louis bought us all drinks and we sat at a booth. The music was pounding so we couldn't really talk. Harry, Niall, Heather, and I all had make out parties. I was grinding on Harry's lap mid-make out. He let out a moan and I realized he had a hard on. I didn't stop. I kept kissing him, growing wetter by the second. "Harry, I'm turned on right now." He moved his hand to my core. "I can tell."

*It's about to get 13+. I didn't want to put a warning in the chapter title so this is the warning.*


He put his hand down my underwear and slowly put a finger in me. It hurt a little and a yelped with pain. "I can stop if you want." I shook my head. "No, I want you to, so later tonight, when I let you have me, it doesn't hurt as bad." A smile crept on his mouth and he started pumping his fingers in me. I moaned out his name. "Harry, why does it feel so go-" He put another finger in me and pumped faster. "Don't stop." He curved his finger and hit my g-spot. I moaned out in pleasure. I came all over his fingers and he licked it off his fingers. "You taste so good Strawberry." He asked seductively. I was out of breath. "But I have to repay you. I pulled down his pants and his hard on slapped his stomach. I grabbed his length in my hand and started pumping. I could feel the pre-cum building up. I teased his under shaft making him cum everywhere. I licked it all up. I swallowed and sat back up. Niall and Heather were gone. "They're probably in the bathroom. I winked. "Lets dance." Harry offered and we headed for the middle of the dance floor. We started grinding instantly. My ass pressed against his hips. I turned my body around and grinded our hips together. I pulled with his hair and we played tongue war. "I'm ready." I said to Harry. "Are you sure?" He asked reassuring. "As sure as I'll ever be." Harry told Louis we were going back to the hotel and we left. Once we go to the hotel we ran all the way up there. Paul left a note saying he'd be gone all night. "Perfect." We immediately started undressing each other. Harry got a condom out Zayn's room. Harry led me to his room and laid me on his bed. He plunged his tongue in my dripping heat and played circles around my clit. I moaned out. "Baby, please don't stop." H brought a finger up and plunged that in too. I yelled out. I was sure the neighbors heard us. "I think you're ready love." He rolled on the condom and stared at my body. I was aching for his touch. "Get in me already!!" I groaned and he did. "Ow!" I yelped out. "Keep going!" He did. He was soft and gentle like everyone's first time should be. We came to our highs and I said it. "I love you Harry!" I said as I rode out my orgasm. He laid his head on my chest. "I love you too."

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