Truly Madly Deeply.

18 year old Lilly Ellington never had much luck with boys, at all. Then, one day, just as she lost all hope, she literally runs into Harry. Harry Styles that is, and he changes her life forever. And I do mean forever.


3. "Last First Kiss!"

I bought an outfit for tonight at the clothing store, which was actually a Forever 21.I got a short, skin tight, strapless black dress and a tan half sleeve jacket to go over it. I also got a pair of stilettos and some heart earrings.  I looked good. I looked Harry Styles good. I got back to the hotel and Heather still wasn't dressed. "Heather, um, I've gotta tell you something!" I yelled over her hair dryer. "Yeah, what is it you tosser?" I rolled my eyes and walked in her bathroom. "I kinda ran into someone!" She looked up and then down at t my bag. "Do you have a date?" I nodded my head. "Guess with who!" She turned off the hair dryer. "I don't know!" She exclaimed. "Harry." She stared at me. "H-Harry Styles? From One Direction?" She was stuttering. I nodded my head and she screamed so loud I thought they police were going to come! "Yes, Heather, Harry Styles. I'm gonna go get ready." I walked to the shower. I unpacked all my stuff, and turned on the shower. I found myself singing "Last First Kiss" in the shower. "I'm going on a date with Harry Styles." I said out loud, but quietly to myself. I took my time in the shower, I shaved my legs and everything! It was all around about a 45 minute shower. I love long showers. As I was getting out Heather walked in and I screamed. "Get out! Get out get out! You know I hate people being around when I'm naked! Get out!" Heather smiled. There was a comeback coming my way. "Oh yeah, that's why your a virgin!" She laughed as she walked out. "Ugh, YOU WANKER!" I yelled at her, but I don't think she heard! I wrapped a towel around my hair, and one around my body, and walked into my room. I picked up the Forever 21 bag, and brought to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror."What should I do with my hair?" I asked out loud. "Curl it! And stop talking to yourself!" Heather said when she walked in my bathroom. "What time did he say he was going to be here?" She handed me the hair curler. "8 o'clock. So we need to hurry!" I turned on the curler, and put on the outfit. "Does this look okay?" Looking in the mirror, it was form fitting. "You look fine. You look hot!" She winked and I took my hair down to dry it. "Where are you guys going?" We had to yell over the hair dryer. "I don't know! He just said 'Pick you up at 8.'" Since my hair isn't very thick, it dried really quick. Heather curled my blond hair, and I was completely ready at 7:56.

I heard him knock at 8 exactly. "Harry, Hey!" Heather ran to the door. "Lilly is in her room, right this way." She did not just welcome Harry Styles into our hotel room. She opened my door. "Here is your date! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Too bad Harry didn't know her, she would do anything on the first date. "I won't! Lilly, um are you ready?" His face was red and he sounded nervous. "Yeah, lets go!" I got up and grabbed his hand, trying not to seem nervous.I shut the door behind us and we made our way to the elevator. "Sorry about Heather, she's uh, she's a, uh. She's a fan!" He chuckled. "It's fine. I'm just glad she didn't scream. Most girls do." We walked in the elevator and he pushed the button. "So, where are we going anyway?" I honestly don't think I've been so nervous. "Well, it depends. Is this your first time in New York?" "My first time in the States."I laughed at the thought. "We could just walk around town, if you want. And we could stop to grab a bite. Sound good?" I nodded and we walked out of the hotel holding hands. Now I expected to have some attention from fans, and paparazzi, but I wasn't expecting this. The minute we walked out of the hotel there were at least 20 cameras on us, and screaming for miles. You go on one date with one of the most famous people in the world, geez! "You know, we can just stay here!" I whispered in Harry's ear. "I wanted this to be special!" "It still can be!" I dragged him back in the hotel, and we sat an a couch in the lobby. "There is a restaurant, and a movie room here! There is also room service if you want to be alone." It was so weird of me to take charge like this. "Lets go to the movie room!" He stood up and offered his hand. They were playing "Love Actually." "Oh my gosh, this is my favorite movie!" We said at the same time. We were the only people in there. Since the both of us have seen it a million times, we ran around and played tag. When we got tired, we went upstairs and locked Heather in her room. We ordered 4 cheeseburgers, a pizza, some fries, and 2 two liters of coke. We ate, watched telly, and got to know each other. Harry is a genuinely sweet person. His phone buzzed and it was a text from Niall. "Mate, we gotta get up early tomorrow for the interview. Why are you still out? It's 1am!" He shot up. "When did it get so late?" He asked me and I followed him to the door. "Lilly, I've got to go. Can we do this again, please?" He touched my hand. "Of course! We hugged and he closed the door. He was almost to elevator when I opened my door. "Harry!" I yelled getting his attention. I ran down to him almost falling in my heels. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. "See you tomorrow." I pushed him into the elevator! He winked at me and the doors closed. "Goodnight, Harry Styles." I walked back to my room and spilled it to Heather.

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