Cry Me a River

One Direction are currently on their Australian tour for two weeks. With such a short amount of time, the boys have no time for anything, except sleeping and concerts. So, when the boys decide to take a walk around Sydney on their night off, what will come of the spark between Liam and Mia.
And, will they consider a long distance relationship when the boys go back to London?


1. The Concert

Liam's P.O.V.

"Okay boys, this is our first Australian concert, lets make the best impression on the lovley ladies and their accents." Zayn chuckled as the boys stood in a circle.

The crowd's cheering was all that could be heard, and the five boys were each handed a microphone, they turned them on, and stepped onto the stage.

"How is everybody doing tonight?" Louis shouted to the crowed, everyone screamed their answers at him, Louis just reacted with a laugh.

"That great to hear!" He smiled. We sang three songs, Live While Were Young, Summer Love and One Thing.

"So, boys, what song shall we sing?" I asked the other four. Niall shrugged, and Harry practically screamed like a girl; "WE SHOULD SING OUR AUDITION SONGS!"

The crowed shouted their encouragement as Harry began singing;

"Isnt she lovely? Isnt she wonderful, I never thought, through love we'd be, making one as lovley as she. But isnt she lovley made from Love?" He sang, and my eyes scanned the crowed.

Nobody really caught my eyes, but the girls were all beautiful. But, for a split second, my eye's crossed a pair of bright green ones. The girl met my eyes and blushed, she turned away, and continued singing along with Harry, as the rest of the crowed was.

Harry finnished, and the boys turned to me.

The crowed started chanting;

"Cry Me a River! Cry Me a River!" The yelled.

I chuckled and nodded at them. "Of course."


Mia's P.O.V.

My eye's had met Liam's. I didnt believe it! I mean, he didnt think anything of it but, he now knew what I looked like.

"CRY ME A RIVER!" I shouted, my friends, Ana and Veronika, shouted with me. Liam nodded to the crowed and began singing.

"Now you say you're lonley, You cried the whole night through, Well, you can Cry Me a River, Oh, I cried a River over you.'' Liam sang.

He sounded fantastic, I would be devistated when the concert finnished, but, I put that thought aside, and just jumped and danced around like the rest of the crowed as we sang along to Liam's melody.

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