White Wings (Unedited)

I am a girl, but if I were an animal, I would be an owl...
The original version of White Wings! It was too long to submit, but I'd love to share it on here anyway!


1. White Wings: The Owl in Me.


Floating through the trees like a white shadow,

Silent as the breath of the cloud as it exhales snow,

As fearsome as a blizzard to those it devours,

The owl flies.

The wise creature of the night.

This is me.


I am similar to the owl in many ways. First, I enjoy the night time. As nights go on, I become more awake and active than I am during the day.

I also eat like an owl. I do not eat small animals with a beak, but I do eat quite a lot, although I try not to. I’ve never had a true midnight feast, but I’ve always wanted to.

I am also more “wise”, mature and smart than other people my age. I like to think that I am not boastful, but sometimes I cannot help just mentioning something like a little-known fact to, dare I admit it, show off a little. The owl does not try to be mesmerizing, but it is, and therefore draws attention to itself.

Although my eyesight is nowhere near perfect--unlike the owl’s--I do have excellent hearing. However, I fear it is becoming worse since I enjoy listening to music on my iPod, and although I turn the music down to the lowest possible for me, I am still afraid I will lose this amazing ability one day.

Finally, I am addicted to flight. Flying is my deepest wish, my most intense dream. If I have a dream about flying, I will not forget it the next day. I will treasure it until the next one comes, which may be weeks, months later. When I was young, I used to dream the same flying dream over and over again. I love the Maximum Ride novels, a series about flying children. I read them over and over again and imagine me flying alongside them. Whenever I feel bored, I invent fantasies of me flying high above the buildings of my hometown and its neighbouring cities. Sometimes, I put these scenes to songs, and play them in my mind again and again, like a movie I cannot stop watching. One of the most incredible experiences I have ever had in my life was going into an indoor skydiving tube in Florida. I will never forget the two minutes I spent in the air.


I am just a girl, but I long to fly at night, on white wings.

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