The Palmer Conception

Harvey Palmer was a slacker with a love for writing code. All it took was the right combination of numbers, and Palmer discovered the key to time travel. Unfortunately, his love for his high school sweet heart leads him to bring the technology to the public. Not too long afterwards, the CIA takes over the company and parts of history begin to disappear, and Palmer is the only person who seems to notice.


2. Revelations



Harvey Palmer, a young man whose intellect was far overshadowed by his penchant for lethargy, had invented time travel. Though merely accidental happenstance, Palmer had given the world its most sought after gift, and his first action was to tell the girl in 205.

Obsession was not a strong enough word to define his feelings for Caroline van Hausen, but the dictionary did not list a better synonym. They’d dated ever so briefly in high school where they’d taken each other’s virginity before falling apart like eighty percent of teen relationships do. Actually, make that ninety-five percent. The two went their separate ways, but when she failed out of her expensive, private university and transferred to Texas State, his feelings were rekindled, hers were not. However, Caroline adored the attention, which is what she told her friends when they asked about her relationship with Palmer. She never had to work to make him fall at her feet, in fact she could basically ignore him, and he’d still be her puppy. “Plus,” she could be quoted as saying, “he’s my own coin-operated boy.” 

Palmer sprinted across the apartment complex in his black jeans and vintage Clash shirt which was speckled with burn holes from the initial blast. His dark brown hair was singed and now barely covered his green eyes which held a vision of absolute madness and determination. He jutted past some frat stars in swim suits and a group of blondes walking their dogs with one though coursing through his mind, “Now she’ll have to love me.” 

Palmer arrived at Caroline’s door rehearsing his four hundredth declaration of love and imagining her ecstatic response to his news. He caught his breath, straightened his clothes, and slicked back his hair all in a failed attempt to look presentable. He inhaled deeply and rapped on the door.s

A minute passes with no response. He knocked again, this time he heard a symphony of thuds, thunks, and thumps before Caroline opened the door just enough to expose her thick, but not heavy, frame. Her long, curly blonde hair was tangled from friction, and her clothes had been carelessly tossed on. Palmer knew that combination well, he’d seen it hundreds of times. His heart sank to his feet once he realized that not only was she not alone, but she’d be rolling in the sheets with someone who was not him.

“Harvey, what do you want? I told you I was busy tonight.” Caroline’s voice was eighty percent annoyance and twenty percent faked guilt. Palmer tried his best to respond, but he feared any attempt to speak would lead to tears, and that would be unforgivable. He began to mutter an expletive but was interrupted by a muscular, bronzed senior approaching them from the bedroom in his boxers.

“Hey, kitten. What’s going on? Who’s this?” Bronze Boy inquired upon spotting Palmer. He gripped Caroline around the hips and brought her closer to his body, territorially. Caroline showed no remorse. 

“Greg, this is Harvey, he’s...a friend of mine...sort of.” Her words stung worse than the vision of her wrapped in the neanderthal’s arms. A sort of friend? Was that all he was to her? “Greg, could you give us a minute?” she asked apprehensively. Bronze Boy sized-up Palmer before nodding and returning to the bedroom.

“Who the hell was that?” Palmer finally managed.

“He’s my boyfriend,” she tartly replied. Palmer was beside himself, and he was beginning to show it.

“Your boyfriend?” he sneered. “But I thought we-”

“You thought what, Harvey? What did you think? That we were dating? That I loved you? That we’d have a happy ending? We dated in high school, Palmer. You’re nothing more than a warm body. On top of that, you’re a mess, and I don’t want to be the one responsible for cleaning it up. Goodbye, Harvey.” She slammed the door in his face, leaving Palmer to choke back a sob.

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