Behind Closed Doors

~Written for the What's Hidden on Your Street? competition~

Hannah is the new girl in school, and Jake is immediately intrigued. Even more so when he finds out that she's moved in right down the street. After befriending her, he learns about the horrors that live behind the closed doors of her home. Will he stand by her? or will he leave her in the dust?


1. Moving Day

     The roar of the engine down the street first got Jake's attention. Then it was the shouts of the movers, bringing in the boxes. And finally, it was the red-headed beauty that stepped out of the van. Petite, with hair down to her mid back, she looked fragile. As if she might break if you hugged her too hard. But what intrigued Jake the most was the fact that she was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt in the middle of August. 

     He waited until the van was gone, then walked out the door towards her house. Getting closer, he heard yelling from inside the house.

    "Hannah! Where did you put the kitchen supplies?!" It was a man's voice, and he didn't sound happy.

    "In the kitchen," a girl's voice responded, most likely the red head from earlier. She sounded exasperated.

    "Don't talk like that to me!" the man screamed.

    " I didn't mean it! Please! Don-" A door slammed and the girl's voice was cut off.

    He wasn't sure what was going on, but whatever it was, it wasn't meant for his ears. Whatever it was, it was meant to be kept behind closed doors


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