Glee - One Direction Style

Niall Liam Zayn Harry Louis Katelynn Caroline Rachel Jenna Layla James Kyle are all in glee club even if that means getting slushied or bullied James and Kyle are gay they dont have the courage to ask each other out Louis loves Layla Niall loves Katelynn Caroline loves Liam Zayn loves Rachel and Harry loves Jenna watch their love bloom through song dance and drama.


2. Singing,Dancing and Love

So here is what you missed on Glee: Liam likes Caroline but can't ask her out they're doing Love music in glee club so love is in the air Liam is tired of getting slushied and at the beginning of the school year he is the first one to get a slushie to the face.

GLEE ~~~~~

No one's p.o.v

their they sat in the choir room planning for the dance looking at decorations and other amazing items for The Valentine's Day Dance. They also had to make costumes for their performance they were singing I Love by Tom T Hall some thought it wasn't modern enough but of course Mr.Shue loved it. "alright partner up because for the song each will take one part and sing it with their partner" smiled Mr.Shuester so they did Liam with Caroline Katelynn and Niall Zayn and Rachel Layla and Louis Jenna and Harry but one couple felt awkward being together Kyle and James. "um Kyle and James because their are no other partners you will have to be together" said Mr.Shuester. "okay so it will go Zayn Harry Liam Louis Niall James" for singing the verses so Zayn start us off" "I love little baby ducks" "Old pick-up trucks" sang Rachel "Slow moving trains" "And rain"

~At le dance~

"Okay everyone! everything is decorated our costumes are ready and we have a killer show" said Jenna excitedly "Jenna calm down!" said Layla "okay everyone promise no matter how much we get laughed at we will stick together as a family" Louis Said while putting his hand in the middle "Agreed" everyone shouted while putting their hands in the middle. "Please welcome the New Directions!" the loud speaker rang through the gym. Zayn started "I love little baby ducks,

Old pick-up trucks,
Slow-moving trains,
And rain


Harry&Jenna: I love little country streams,
Sleep without dreams,
Sunday school in May,
And hay

And I love you too

Liam&Caroline: I love leaves in the wind,

Pictures of my friends,
Birds in the world,
And squirrels

Louis&Liam: I love coffee in a cup, little fuzzy pups,

Old Tv shows 
And snow

And I love you too

Niall&Katelynn: I love honest open smiles,

Kisses from a child, tomatoes on the vine,

And onions

James&Kyle: I love winners when they cry, 

Losers when they try, music when it's good,
And life

And I love you too"

after they ended everyone clapped which surprised the New Directions they smiled and went into the crowd to dance themselves. "Caroline c-can i talk to you?" asked Liam shyly "Of course Liam what's on your mind?" she smiled " i like you...... i have since the 9th grade and i want to ask you to dance and be my girlfriend..." "Liam your a sweet guy but i'm with Jacob i like you to but as a friend im sorry" ahh yes Jacob the same Jacob that bullied Liam for years all the years of being tossed in a dumpster slushied and he couldn't forget the night they painted 'FAG' on his locker. Jacob Blue was his name remember when our poor Liam got slushied? when George highfived that guy next to him  that was Jacob that night when Caroline was at his house she yelled and screamed it him for letting George do that he apologized and everything was fine well everything except Liam's heart "Its fine....I'm sorry" he walked away with tears in his eyes and sat in the corner of the gym crying. On the other side of the gym Niall and Katelynn were getting pretty comfy with each other moments before Liam talked to Caroline Niall asked her out now all were waiting for is Louis Zayn Harry and maybe James but for now our story has to end. 

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