The necklace

Alex is an insecure broken girl, with a past that broke the strong relationship her and Harry use to have. Will she ever get that back? When she finds a necklace in the old woods were her and Harry use to stay, will it lead her down the right path? Or make it worse then before?


5. 5.

As Harry leans in I lean in to. As my lips touch his, it's like a spark of good memories are sent through my body and the tourtures over with. As he deepens the kiss I feel him lick my bottom lip, i open my mouth and give him entrance we explore eachothers mouths and he pulls me closer and his hands move down to my hips. He rubs my hips with his fingers,  as i put my hands in his hair. We soon run out of breath and  have to breathe, he rests his head on mine and i take the chance to look into his eyes as he kisses me again. I cant help but ask," why now Harry?" Harry looks at me and says, "I've been trying to find someone for two years to forget about you. And i relized you can't forget the most important person left in your life." I feel like Harry has just healed all my bruises, and all my scars. He looks at me again and says "i can't help but love you. " with that i kiss him with so much passion it hurts. He tells me he will never leave me, and i belive him. For once in a long time  everything in my life seems to be right when im with Harry. I hope nothing goes wrong.
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