The necklace

Alex is an insecure broken girl, with a past that broke the strong relationship her and Harry use to have. Will she ever get that back? When she finds a necklace in the old woods were her and Harry use to stay, will it lead her down the right path? Or make it worse then before?


4. 4.

two years later*
As i looked down at the pendant i relized right away whose it was. It was Annes she wore it everyday. Inside was a picture of Harry as a baby and Anne holding him. On the other side it was an ingravement of ."i will always love you." That means only one thing. Harry has been here. Recently, this necklace isn't dirty. Its almost like some one just set it here. I look around and relize theres another hole recently dug. I crawl out the hole, after moving what seems like a boulder of dirt, and i stand up its the other side of the tree , but theres a little path. I follow the path out to an open medow covered in sleet. I see someone sitting on the ground. As I get closer i see the curly mop of hair. I also see him shuddering? He can't be crying can he? I decide to do something i though i'd never want to do in my life, i decide to care. "Harry?" i asked. He turned around so quickly it almost scared me. "Alex?" he asked, squinting. "yea its me, Alex." his face got sadder and i relized I wasn't helping, i started to leave when he stood up and turned around to look at me. He started to walk twords me. Everytime Harry has walked twords me seance the Accident, he has hit me or hurt me verbally. I couldn't help but coward at his precence. As he got closer i saw the tear stained cheeks and the blood shot eyes. He got a foot away from me before he stopped and looked at the ground. I look up at him, and say "i ran, i ran away from the school because of you. I didnt stop till i got to the stump. How, how did you get here? " i studdered out. He looked up at me, his eyes had the fimilar comfort they use to, and said," I saw you sitting in the tree crying, i ran here to. But when i saw you i relized Alex... I relized what i'd done. Im so sorry. After the accident i didn't know who to blame and when i found out your parents were alive i was so jeloues. Why did you get yours? Why were mine taken? And i relized after the accident you parents changed. You don't think i notice the brusies or the black eyes you come to school with, but i do. I always have." he admits. I look up at his beautiful green orbs and i see 2 years of regret filled in them. I also see my past and i say "some of those bruises were from you. Some of these scars are from you. All of these terrible memories are from you. " He stares at me with tears in his eyes and barely whispers, "i know i've  hurt you, i know i've been terrible for the past two years, but if you would please give me time to make it up to you. I want to hug  you like i use to. I wanna hold you and kiss your lips like i use to. I want to love you like i use to." With that he looks me right in the eyes and leans in...
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