The necklace

Alex is an insecure broken girl, with a past that broke the strong relationship her and Harry use to have. Will she ever get that back? When she finds a necklace in the old woods were her and Harry use to stay, will it lead her down the right path? Or make it worse then before?


3. 3. My exbestfriend

I ran out in the hallway. I was just told my bestfriends parents were dead and i had no idea where he was. I ran down the Hallway screaming, "Harry!" i looked in every door until i saw him. Scrunched to the ground, head in his knees, shaking. He never looked up. I sank to the ground next him. And he looked up at me. All the warm comfort that was in his eyes is gone. It was a cold blank, almost angry stare. He stared at me until he said, "this is all your fault." i was shocked. How can he blame me? "This is all your fault, you told them to go on the date, and your dad was driving, your the reason my parents are gone." i was hurt. How could he? I started crying again as he countinued. "where are your parents?! There still alive arn't they? ARN'T THEY!" He yelled. "My parents are gone, but your are here . It should have been your parents not mine! " these words shattered me into a million peices . Harry stood up and walked away out of the hospital. 
If i would have known that was the last conversation I would have with him for awhile, i would have tried harder. Tryed to understand better. But its to late now. 
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