The necklace

Alex is an insecure broken girl, with a past that broke the strong relationship her and Harry use to have. Will she ever get that back? When she finds a necklace in the old woods were her and Harry use to stay, will it lead her down the right path? Or make it worse then before?


2. 2. Why you are the way you are .

*two years before that*
I was in my room sleeping when i heard the phone ring, it was 2:00 A.M. Who the heck could be calling at this time?! I rolled over and hoped mom or dad would pick up. They should be back from there double date with Harrys parents , i mean they left at 7:00 they HAVE to be back,  what could they do all night? 
    As i relized no one was going to awnser the phone i got up and hurried down the stairs before i missed it. I got to the phone just in time and awnsered.
    "Hello?" i asked. " Alex its Harry." harry replied nervously. "Harry what the heck are you doing calling my house at this time of night?!" i shouted. "Alex, Your parents." his voice began to crack, "yo-your  parents are in the hospital. Th-They  were in a head on collision with a drunck driver, while my parents were in the car." Harry stuttered. "Thier all in the hospital." with that Harry hung up. 
   I dropped the phone. How was i supposed to take this? My eyes felt like they were about to burst with tears and i could feel the burning in my throt. I had to get up and run to the bathroom to throwup. Before i grabbed my keys and ran out the door. I called harry back and asked what hospital they were at.  I got a reply and was speeding my whole way there. As i pulled in to the hospital i relized i wasn't wearing shoes but didnt care. I had to see them, i had to make sure they'd be ok. 
 I ran through the doors and to the front desk. I nearly screamed my mothers name, "Graycen Lyn." and she told me she was in surgery. I asked about my Father. "What about Michael Lyn?" she looked at me and said "room 350." 
I sprinted down the hallway and saw the room sign. I got to the door and stopped. What it something happened? What if hes unresponsive? What if he doesn't know who i am? I slowly opened the door and saw my dad sitting up. He looked completly unhurt physically. But in his eyes i saw something i never want to see again. Tears. My dad was crying. He looked up and saw me he couldn't hold it in. He was full-on bawling. The only words he got out were between sobs, "their gone!" he sobbed. I was so scared at this moment I just wanted him to hold me. "Whos gone  dad?! Who is they!? " i cried out. When he couldn't get the words out I was angry. Why wouldn't he tell me. Will my mom be ok?! "WHOS GONE?!" i screamed at him tears falling down my face. He looked at me and said " A-Anne and Robin. I was driving it was all my fault."  he countinued, "thier gone..."
With that i ran out o the room to find Harry.
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