The necklace

Alex is an insecure broken girl, with a past that broke the strong relationship her and Harry use to have. Will she ever get that back? When she finds a necklace in the old woods were her and Harry use to stay, will it lead her down the right path? Or make it worse then before?


1. 1.Where have the times gone?

Tears brimed my eyes as i ran out of the doors. The December air hit my skin like needles and the memories poured into my head. 
I heard Niall scream my name, but i didn't stop. How could he expect me to? Harry had, yet again hurt me. But this time Harry took it to far, and i could tell he knew it. The sorry look in his eyes told me he didn't want to do this, but the evil cloud took over just as fast and as the words fell out of his mouth they hit my heart harder than a bus. 
As i rounded the corner to get to the woods i was hit with another impact of memories. Tears began to freely fall down my face and i wasn't going to wipe them away. I knew exactly where my feet were takeing me, but i didn't want to go there.
I was completly out of breath when i made it to the old stump. The old stump is a big tree with a hole in the bottom and its where me and Harry went before the accident. When we were little, and there was no reality. There was just me and Harry... I climbed down in to and laid there. I let my tears slid down my cheeks as i closed my eyes. I felt the tree around me, i felt the engrove of me and Harrys name.
   As my fingers coressed over the H i could only remeber when he wasn't like this. When the accident hadn't happened yet. When i was happy... But all that soon washed away as the sleet came down. I sat up and scooted back so i couldn't feel the cold sleet on my legs. As i put my hand back i felt something cold, and smooth. I picked it up and saw the glimmer. As i relized what it was, a new set of tears filled my eyes and i began to weep openly. As i opened the heart shape necklace, years of tourter were unlocked. And i relized what had to be done. It all had to end right now. 
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