White Wings

I am a girl, but if I were an animal, I would be an owl.

For the Alyson Noel Competition.


1. White Wings: The Owl and Me.

I am like the owl in many ways. At night, I am often very awake and active. I do not eat mice at night, but I do eat quite a lot, and I'd love to have a midnight feast! I am more “wise” and mature than other people my age. I have excellent hearing-- an ability which fear I might lose one day, because of my love of listening to music.

I am addicted to flight.

Flying is my deepest wish. If I have a dream about flying, I will not forget it, but I will treasure it until the next one comes. When I was young, I used to have the same flying dream again and again. I read books about flying children and I imagine myself soaring with them. Sometimes I imagine myself flying high above the buildings of my hometown and its neighbouring cities. Often I put these scenes to songs, and play them in my mind repeatedly. Last year, I was lucky enough to go indoor skydiving with my family. I will never forget the two minutes I spent in the air.

I am just a girl, but I long to fly at night, on white wings.

Word Count: 201 (hope that's okay!)

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