As long as I'm with you

Justin Bieber Fan Fic not 1D


1. So happy

it was my b-day i was playing tennis with my best friend "Harley". Hey Harleyyy you cheated you you cant throw the ball. Lets go inside my moms making dinner for us i hope you like tacos. Tacos I HATE TACOS alright ill ask my mom to order pizza instead . Harley chew with your mouth closed. After dinner Harley brought out a present for me i opened it, it was the new Justin Bieber CD, then my mom came in with a change purse she said to check if there was anything in it i opened some pockets there i found 3 tickets to Justin Bieber i was freaking out i was crying my mom said Harley,Me,and my mom she said it was tonight i said "Tonight on MY birthday?" yes your birthday.  

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