Niall's soulmate

When the Niall finds out theres a new girl moving in next store he hope to find a new best friend but is that all they will be? Niall relizes he acually loves this girl, what will he do? Will she love him back? Niall finds out he is not the only one crushing on her but Harry is in on it too!


1. moving day!

"Mom why do we have to move?" Maria cried."It will be good for you! You will meet new kids,like our new neighbors have a son your age" Maria's mom called from the basement while still un packing. On the moving truck- "Ughhhhhh......... this is SOOOOO boring" Maria whined "THEN JUST GO TO SLEEP,AND I DON'T WANT TO HERE ANOTHER WORD OUT OF YOU!"Maria's dad yelled. Maria woke up in the house. 'Where am I?" Maria rubbed her eyes and yawned. "Morning sleepy head, sleep OK?" her dad called. "Fine but I have a sore neck from the car"  Maria called rubbing her neck. Well....... welcome to your new home!" her mom said happily. "Yeah... while you were  sleeping we un packed everything" her dad said annoyed. While maria sat eating her bagel the door rang "I'LL GET IT!"Maria yelled. she ran to the door and opened it. "Hey, um...... I know you just moved in ...... ummmm..... I live next store...... and umm...... I was wondering...... If you wanna.... You know..... go  hang out......?" the boy said. "Sure and your name issssss?" maria giggled "Ohhh sorry, i'm Niall" he also giggled.

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