You Can Call Me Myka

Myka is an average everyday 16 year old girl, who loves 1D,extremely, except the fact that she has 16 siblings, from oldest to youngest there is Michyl, MyaLeah, Myanne, Marianne, Mickhealah, Missy, Clarriese, Cecielia, Denis, Carmen, Mataljga, Mimi, Desiray, Darlene, Myka, Aiden, and Alainie. Her parents died when she was 9, leaving her in the care of her oldest, abusive, brother, Michyl. when Myka, Alainie, and Aiden decide to run away because they cant stand the abuse and constant put down of their siblings, the get into a car crash and Myka loses her memory, and that, is where a well known curly haired, green eyed, pretty boy comes along. this is my first Movella so please no hate...and im working on series,so i hope you guys like it. and you should read some books by jorgiematthews1D she rocks. her books are the insiration of mine. so if you like my writing dont thank me, tell jorgie, she deserbves the credit.


9. This Thing

After about 3 months I started to think this was my actual life.  I had no memory of my siblings or anything that happened.  All I knew was my new life. Harry, Gemma, Darcie, JR., Anne, Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, feed Dusty, and no spoons.

My life was awesome. until one day Harry's phone rang and he left it home, so, ya know, I checked it. It was a text from a girl Cecilia. I read the text "hey babe im free tonight wanna c each other? Michyls outta town~CCsexy"  I though wait Cecilia, Michyl, why do those names sound so familiar? then I though. wait Harry's cheating on me. I cried and waited all day until he came home. I came to the door the second he opened it. My eyes were stained, my hair was in a million knots, and it was soaked.   "baby why were you crying? what happened? there is no good reason a girl as perfect as you should have stained eyes." he said. "you said you loved me" "I do, with all my heart." "then thats why you cheated on me, right?" I said as I shoved his phone at him, then grabbed the twins and went to leave. he stopped me at the door and said "you cant leave." "give me a good reason" I said as he pulled the twins away from me and told them to go upstairs. "because I love you."  "thats why CCsexy wants to hang out again tonight, right?"  "I'v never heard of a Cecilia, in my life and I love you and never want to leave you for any reason at all, ever"  "you might not want to leave me but you sure dont want me. you need a Cecilia, because Nerissa isn't good enough for you." I said. ''no, I want Nerissa, and I'll show you." then before I could react, he grabbed me by my waist, pulled me to the stairs, looked around then kissed me and I couldnt pull away, he was to strong.  Then his soft lips made me forget that anything ever happened.  He then pulled me to the bedroom. closed and locked the door.   Then hit me up against the wall. It was extremely rough but I didn't care. Then he groped around and started to pull my shirt up. I guess when he hit me on the wall my memory came back because everything that ever happened in my mind, on the telly, and in real life came flooding back to me. Including my age.  I just walked away after that. "what?" he said confused. "I can't" I said. "why?"  "because I'm to young" "your 18, whats the biggy? you dont fancy me anymore."  "no, I love you with my heart, but, I have so many memories and things and what happened and why I know you, and the reason I was int he hospital, and.............literally, everything." I said. "what do you mean?"   "well Darcie and JR. are my siblings, I have 16 of them in total, Michyl, MyaLeah, Myanne, Marianne, Mickhealah, Missy, Clarriese, Cecielia, Denis, Carmen, Mataljga, Mimi, Desiray, Darlene, Aiden and Alainie. Aiden and Alainie are twins along with Desiray and Darlene, Alainie and Aiden are Darcie and JR., and I'm Matalaina, but everyone used to call me Myka. Our parents died in a car accident when I was 9. Leaving us in the care of 28 year old Michyl, who used to abuse us all in some way. Alainie, Aiden, and I, unfortunatly physical." then I showed him my pand and stick scar. "wow, thats so sad. I'm so sorry." 'Its not your fault. I'm 16 and I'm the 3rd youngest at of all of us."   "oh so the twins are you siblings?" "yup"  "should we go tell them, yeah?"  "I think so," 'You still love me, right?" Harry said. " How can I not?"  "good because I have loved you since the moment I first saw you, thats why I lied, because I wanted you mine."

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