You Can Call Me Myka

Myka is an average everyday 16 year old girl, who loves 1D,extremely, except the fact that she has 16 siblings, from oldest to youngest there is Michyl, MyaLeah, Myanne, Marianne, Mickhealah, Missy, Clarriese, Cecielia, Denis, Carmen, Mataljga, Mimi, Desiray, Darlene, Myka, Aiden, and Alainie. Her parents died when she was 9, leaving her in the care of her oldest, abusive, brother, Michyl. when Myka, Alainie, and Aiden decide to run away because they cant stand the abuse and constant put down of their siblings, the get into a car crash and Myka loses her memory, and that, is where a well known curly haired, green eyed, pretty boy comes along. this is my first Movella so please no hate...and im working on series,so i hope you guys like it. and you should read some books by jorgiematthews1D she rocks. her books are the insiration of mine. so if you like my writing dont thank me, tell jorgie, she deserbves the credit.


12. "No"

There I saw Harry sitting on my bed watching TV "what are you doing?" I asked. "waiting for you beautiful" he said. "awwwwwww, no"  I said. "no what?sweetheart." "you know what I mean" I shot right back at him. "no I dont" he said. obviously faking it. "fine" I said as I approached the bed. "move over" I said. and then I sat next to him. He started to bite his lip, which usually meant he wanted a kiss. so I kissed him. He started to smile but it wasnt a normal Harry Styles smile, it was an I have an idea smile. I stopped and looked at the telly. then I mummbled "no" I replied sternly. "its one thing when we though I was 18, now we know I'm 16. I said. "but| it doesnt count" exactly, it doesnt count!!!! It doesnt count enough age to have sex. "how do you read my mind" he said as he leaned to kiss me.

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