You Can Call Me Myka

Myka is an average everyday 16 year old girl, who loves 1D,extremely, except the fact that she has 16 siblings, from oldest to youngest there is Michyl, MyaLeah, Myanne, Marianne, Mickhealah, Missy, Clarriese, Cecielia, Denis, Carmen, Mataljga, Mimi, Desiray, Darlene, Myka, Aiden, and Alainie. Her parents died when she was 9, leaving her in the care of her oldest, abusive, brother, Michyl. when Myka, Alainie, and Aiden decide to run away because they cant stand the abuse and constant put down of their siblings, the get into a car crash and Myka loses her memory, and that, is where a well known curly haired, green eyed, pretty boy comes along. this is my first Movella so please no hate...and im working on series,so i hope you guys like it. and you should read some books by jorgiematthews1D she rocks. her books are the insiration of mine. so if you like my writing dont thank me, tell jorgie, she deserbves the credit.


13. Is This Real Life?

When I started to slide off the bed, he grabbed my waist. his forearm slid across my stomach and to my other hip. 'let go, Harry." I said. "no. you come here and then I"ll let you go. 'uhg. fine" I sat back down, next to him. And he grabbed my neck softly but so quick that I couldn"t react and he pulled me to a kiss. Then turned me to face him, and he put his left arm under me and then wrapped it arond my back. Then he took his right hand and held my neck so I couldn"t turn away. He was so gentle when he held me, when he held me anywhere, it was always so gentle and soft. His hand stroked my hair, and since it's very long it went past my bum.  He went down my back rubbing gently and then stopped at my bum. "Harry" "what?" he said, kinda hoping that I was about to say nevermind go ahead. "stop it. please." "why? I thought you loved me." he said jokingly.  " I do loved you and I"d actually marry you too. but. I dont want to do this until I'm older. until I'm done being a teen. I mean I know my life will never be the same because, I mean I'm dating Harry Styles, will my life ever be normal after this?" He looked a little upset then he looked like he had pity on me and said 'ok sweetheart, I get it." then he paused, then started again. "but since you just said something really perfect,I think this would be perfect timing for this." "for what?" I asked. "just close your eyes." "why?" I asked. "I promise I won't do anything. Just close your eyes. and stay still." He said. after just a second to think it over I said "fine" I did what he told me too. Then he quickly grabbed something of the nightstand. 'ok, open your eyes." he said shakely. I opened my eyes and there he was on one knee on the floor in front of me. I inhaled. "Matalaina Demi Asllym. Will You. Will You." his voice started trailing off. "Matalaina Demi Asllym will you marry me?" he said once he found his courage. I started crying. "no" he looked like he was about to die. He was, he was dieing on the inside. "I love you with all my damn heart, but I said no because ever since you and I very first met, its been a dream." I paused because I needed to be able to speak, I couldn't believe what I was saying. I,myslef needed a minute to take in what I was doing. ""I'm going to wake up in the morning upset because I realized that the past year has only been a dream. and if I were to say yes to you I would wake crying cause in this dream I haven't told you yet that I',m the biggest Directioner in the world and that of course I love all the boys but my secret favorite is you, and it's my dream to marry you, and " I paused. my siblings hated me so they always told me mean things. Then I finished with something that Michyl, MyaLeah, and Myanne all told me. "and only in dreams, do dreams come true."  Harry got up from his knees and hugged me so tight it hurt but I knew I was going to let this dream last until it's over. "I love you and I will never ever leave you, this is real life, please let me love you."

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