Forever Almost Never Lasts

Christy is a normal teenage girl until she finds herself falling for not just one but THREE members of One Direction. After alot of overwhelming events she just wants to forget about Christy wants to disapear but its kinda hard when she lives next door to Liam Payne. One thing leads to another and Christy finds herself just comming out of a mental hospital and living wtih the guys. Christy ends up dating one of the boys but fate seems to keep them apart. Is it really fate or is it just Christy's receantly deceased brother Matt?Find out what happens in my movella Forever Almost Never Lasts!


13. I don't wanna start all over again

I woke up the sun blinding my eyes, "Ugh!" I groaned rolling over. "Christy are you up?" I heard someone whisper i sprung up wondering who else is in my house then walked over to my window to find Niall. "Niall you scared the shit out of me!" I said and he shushed me, "Did you just shush me!?" I asked quieter. "Yes i did." He said smirking. "Well what do you want im a very important person you know!" I said and laughed i cant even say that with a straight face. "I was wondering if you um wanted to come over and hang out?" Niall said hopefully. But i had to meet Harry later but I cant just say no to Niall he's the sweetest guy ever! "Um is Harry there?" I asked nervous. "Yes he is but hes sleeping." Niall said looking over at the beds. "Ok give me a sec to get ready and i'll be there soon." I gave in and he had the biggest smile on his face. "Ok love." I shut my curtains and changed into some random sweats and a tshirt but wasn't comfortable enough so i changed out of that and into my blue onesie. I left my phone on my bed I didn't want to be bothered but as i was walking out the door i ran back for my phone. what can i say its my baby! i walked over to Liam's house and raised my hand to knock when Niall opened the door. "Whoa your onesie is so cute!" He said looking at me. "Why thank you." I said walking into the living room. "I'm going to put mine on and then we can have a movie day!" Niall said with his goofy smile on walking up the stairs. I sat down on the smooshy black couch and just sat there totally relaxed. I've been so stressed since everything with my dad and that creepy bitch being in my house. "What should we watch?" Niall asked plopping down next to me in his black and white onesie. "I think we should watch a scary movie and a Disney movie." I said and he smiled bigger "PERFECT." he said looking through the DVDs. we settled on The Shinning and Finding Nemo. "I love Finding Nemo it's so sad when he goes missing!" I said putting in The Shinning. The beginning was boring but i was scarred shitless near the end. "HERE'S JOHNNY!" Johnny yelled and stuck his head in the door. "AHHH CUT HIS HAND CUT IT OFF!" I yelled hiding my face in my hand just like the little boy Danny. Niall laughed at me while I screamed "Its not funny." I said hiding under the covers. "WHAT'S GOING ON DOWN HERE!?" Zayn asked as all the boys ran down stairs startling me I screamed again. "STOP SCREAMING!" Louis yelled. "YOU STOP SCREAMING!" I yelled at him through the covers. Liam paused the movie and i came out from under the covers. Before i could even fix my hair Niall took a picture of me. "Hey!" I yelled trying to take his phone. "I have a video of you screaming too!" Niall laughed his adorable laugh. "LIES!" I yelled and he played the videos showing the boys and I. "OMG your face Christy!" Harry said laughing. "Shut up it's scary." I said pouting. I played the movie again i wanna know what happens in the end! After the movie i was kinda jumpy. Harry stuck his hand on my shoulder and i practically jumped to the ceiling. "Whoa love calm down its just a movie but could i see you in the kitchen?" He asked then got up and walked to the kitchen. NO I dont wanna go i wanna stay here with all the witnesses who were having a popcorn fight. well i guess i should just get it over with. I sighed and got up shaking the popcorn out of my hair and walked into the kitchen shutting the door behind me when i turned around Harry was there and i mean RIGHT there in front of me he leaned forward for a kiss and i turned my head at the last second. "Whoa there Harry your in my personal space." I said pushing him back a bit. "You wanted to talk let's talk." I said and he sat down at the table and so did I. "What you think happened DID NOT happen it almost did and I'm sorry Harry but if it did happen i think it would of been a mistake. You only like me for my body and i can tell Harry trust me plus you would dump me in a second for some french model so end of discussion." I said standing up Harry looked shocked and sad "But Christy-" Harry started to say "END of discussion." I walked through the kitchen door back into the living room i spent so many days in hanging out with Liam. We use to be close now it's weird like were starting all over again and I dont want to start over again.

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