Forever Almost Never Lasts

Christy is a normal teenage girl until she finds herself falling for not just one but THREE members of One Direction. After alot of overwhelming events she just wants to forget about Christy wants to disapear but its kinda hard when she lives next door to Liam Payne. One thing leads to another and Christy finds herself just comming out of a mental hospital and living wtih the guys. Christy ends up dating one of the boys but fate seems to keep them apart. Is it really fate or is it just Christy's receantly deceased brother Matt?Find out what happens in my movella Forever Almost Never Lasts!


29. Chapter 24

"Bye Guys." I said as the guys were getting ready ready to leave very freaking early in the morning I was half asleep. "Maybe you should come with?" Liam asked sitting down on the couch where I was falling asleep. "Noooo." I wined rolling over. "I'm just scared something might happen." He said rubbing my back. "I'll be like a freakin ninja as soon as I wake up." I mumbled. "Leave the poor girl alone Liam." Niall said. Liam sighed and pecked my lips "If you need anything vall the numbers on the fridge." I lifter my head up and opened my eyes. "We need to talk when you get back." I said to tired to realize what it sounded like. "What did I do?" Liam asked. "What? Wait no no no! Not that, you did nothing Li. I just wanted to talk to you about seeing my old friends and family and getting my cell phone back because I'm dying without my baby." I explained and he sighed in relief. "You scared me for a sec love." I bit my lip "Whopps now go you'll be late for your meeting." He smiled and left finally. I got up and walked to my room like a zombie and fell asleep again. I woke up and guess who was in my face? Matt. "Matt what the hell?" I screamed.  "Bout time you woke up!" Matt said laughing at my shocked face. "What ever do you mean dearest brother?" I asked in my poshest voice. "Oh sister dear have you not heard its 1 in the afternoon." Matt said in his posh voice. I missed y brother to bits but seriously he's going to get me put back in the facility. "And?" I asked annoyed. "It's time to get up and eat and go somewhere." He said pulling the covers off of me leaving me surrounded by the coldness of my room. I vurled up into a ball "I'm not going anywhere without the boys and security. Directioners would tear me apart for dating Liam because everyone wants him to be with Danielle." I explained. "So thats exactly what they want, for you to be scared and hide." I put my hands up "a girl broke into my house and wanted to kill me just because I knew them now im DATING one of them im never leaving." I said gripping the matress. "I still want to know how you met them..every detail." Matt said smirking. He sat down next to me and I thought whynot? So i sat there and told him every detail. From the snickering in my window, being fired, trying to kill myself up to this very moment. It took hours but neither one of us minded. "I cant believe you tried to kill yourself, Do mum and dad know? Their probably pissed and depressed and Mike is probably soo disapointed. What the hell were you thinking!?" I got frustrated and walked out of the room to the kitchen, I was STARVING! "I'm trying to forget the past." I mumbled making myself a bowl of ceral. "So your trying to forget about me then?" Matt said. My heartbroke, "How could i possibly forget you? you were and still are the only person in our messed up crazy world let alone family that understands anything I ever go through." He shook his head "You have a new family now." I guess I knda did. "Still wont forget about you i'll remeber you forver. Speaking of forever Liam said last night that he would love me forever." Matt smiled "That s adorable." I shook my head "Is not! Forever almost NEVER lasts for me. My parents were supposed to love me forever! my friends were supposed to be there for me for forever. Not to mention my bigest brother was supposed to be by my side forever. Forever just...doesn't seem to stay for me." I said looking at the ground. Beofre Matt could even open his mouth the front door opened. "CHRISTY come meet my fantastic girlfriend." Louis yelled. "Coming!" I yelledwent to the door where everyone was standing with a beautiful girl with amazing style and crazy awesome hair, Eleanor. Here goes nothing. "Hi you must be Eleanor, I'm Christy. It's really nice to meet you Louis speaks of you very fondly." I said sincerely. I everyone seem'd to be holding their breath to see what would happen including me. She took a step forward and..........................................................................................

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