Forever Almost Never Lasts

Christy is a normal teenage girl until she finds herself falling for not just one but THREE members of One Direction. After alot of overwhelming events she just wants to forget about Christy wants to disapear but its kinda hard when she lives next door to Liam Payne. One thing leads to another and Christy finds herself just comming out of a mental hospital and living wtih the guys. Christy ends up dating one of the boys but fate seems to keep them apart. Is it really fate or is it just Christy's receantly deceased brother Matt?Find out what happens in my movella Forever Almost Never Lasts!


26. Chapter 22

We all raced inside the house because the paps showed up and started taking pictures. I was covered in mud and still in my pajamas, that doesn't make for a good picture believe it or not. "I'm taking a shower." I told everyone and ran up to my room after careful not to track in mud unlike the boys, well except Liam. Liam was always respectful, just another reason why I love him. I peeled off my pajamas and took a quick shower and then changed into a blue shirt and grey skinny jeans and two differetn pairs of socks that were crazy colors. I brushed my hair and dried it. since my hair got wet it ended up drying into beachy waves, if thats even a thing? I kept it down and put on my make up then finally went back down stairs. The boys were messing around in the living room. "HEY!" I screamed and they looked at me. "Isn't there a match on today?" I asked. I wasn't one to miss a match, not even in the facility. "Yeah should be on now." Niall said looking at his watch. "Wanna watch?" He asked smiling his carefree smile that i loved. "Fuck yeah!" I said sitting on the floor as he put the game on. "Why are you on the floor?" Harry asked. "I don't know, I like the floor. I think the real question is why aren't you on the floor?" He smirked and sat next to me on the hard floor.

It was a reall good match, my team won I was pretty excited! "HA!" I screamed pointing at Louis. "Its not my fault our best player was injured and your team got lucky!" He shouted back and stuck his tounge out. The boys just laughed at us and shook their heads. "Food?" I asked they all nodded. "No, i wasn't asking if you want food i was asking go make some or order it." I joked laughing. "Go make us something you are the girl." Zayn snickered. "Boy i will smack you upside your head!" I warned. "I was only kidding. Let's order pizza." He said and we all agreed. I was kinda ignoring Liam because I know he'd be all lovey dovey and then it would make it real and im still not sure why i said yes, im not very stable mentally yet...I'm getting there though! I mean i love him I really do but what changed from 2 years ago when i told him i loved him? "I'll order it what do you want on it babe?" Liam asked me and I blushed. I saw Harry and Niall flinch when he said babe i swear i saw it! "Um I dont know just have them put everything on it and i'll just pick the meat off." I said shrugging and he pulled me onto his lap. "We could order a vegitarian one." He said wrapping his arms around my waist and putting his chin on my shoulder. I heard Niall gasp in the corner "No Meat!?" I giggled, "No its okay i wont make you guys suffer." I said and he flashed me his Heart-breaking-weak-in-the-knee smile. Next thing I knew we were joking around eating pizza.

"So you guys hmm?" Zayn asked looking at me and Liam. "Yes, do tell!" Louis pushed. Niall and Harry were silent and looked down like their hands were the most interesting things in the world. I felt bad, they looked all sad. I knew they liked me but i thought they would be over me i mean im nothing special. Theres billions of other girls that would love to be with them that are a billion times better than me. I noticed Liam looking at me waiting for me to answer. "we're going out." I said and got up and brought my plate to the kitchen and started washing it. "No you dont have to do that Christy." Liam said sweetly. "But i want to." I argued. "Really its fine." I heard him say behind me. I bit my lip and stopped "Fine." I said, i'll let him win..just this once.  He smiled and put his arm comfortably around my shoulder and we walked toward the living room but i stoped in my tracks. "You okay babe?" Liam asked worried. "Um I have to ask you something." I said and he nodded. "Okay wanna go to my room?" He asked and i nodded. We walked into his cozy little room with all his nickknacks and pictures. I sat beside him on his bed. I looked around taking it all in, the neatly made bed, clothes scattered a bit, posters and pictures of us when we were younger. I picked one up and smiled. It was a picture of me and Liam sitting on a couch in his backyard I had my legs draped over his lap and was laughing and he was smiling and looking at me. It was a really good picture. "Back in the good old days." Liam whispered looking over my shoulder. "Yeah." I sighed and set it back in its exact spot. "So i wasnted to ask you, why?" He looked at me "Why what?" I sighed. "Why do you want to go out with me now?" I asked looking at my hands. "What do you mean?" Jesus he's clueless. "I told you how i felt 2 years ago and you broke my heart and went on X Factor." I explained my voice cracking. So much for trying to be strong "Oh." He said rubbing the back of his neck. "Oh?" I asked waiting for him to finish. "Iwas scared Christy." He admitted. "Scared of what?" I asked as he shook his head. I looked into his eyes searching for an answer. "Scared of the feeling that i had for you! I liked you so much but I never felt that way about anyone...EVER!" "What about Danielle?" I asked not sure if i should bring her up. I didn't get all the details I didn't know if it was a mess or a mutual feeling. "When I saw you for the first time in years the feelings came back stronger than ever. I didn't do anything but i had Danielle but it turns out she wasn't being as faithful as i was. Then I made my move and I think it went pretty well considering you said yes." He said starting to smile again. I smiled at the thought of me being him and Liam protecting me from everything and anything. He mnakes me feel safe and i like that. "Yeah I guess I am." I said more to myself. He leaned down and pecked me softly but there were plenty of feeling behind that one little kiss. I heard a small muffled thump, I turned towards the door smirking. "Go by the door quietly and dont open it till i give you the signal." I said and he nodded and went to the door. I giggled and stood on the bed and started jumping, the bed creaked and the head board shook I counted to three and Liam opened the door, 4 bodies went crashing to the ground. I fell onto the bed dying of laughter I held onto my sides for dear life. "That wasn't funyy!" Niall said getting up and vrushing himself off. I couldnt speak so i just nodded.

Once i recovered I turned serious "What were you doing listening to our conversation?" I asked crossing my arms. Mainly looking at Louis "Osh we just happened to be leaning against the door." He said looking guilty. "With our eears against it so we could.." Harry said thinking "See if the door was sound proof." Zayn lied. "It is NOT SOUND PROOF!" Niall announced. "Good to know!" Liam said. I shook my head and walked past the boys who were now wrestling. "OY!" Niall yelled at me. "I'M GETTING FOOD!" I yelled back. "Psh do you really need more food?" Harry joked. I stopped and turned around giving him a death glare. "What did you say Styles?" I asked and everyone oohed! "Nothing all I said was good because your too skinny." I smirked "I will murder you while you sleep if you make another comment. I thought we went over the whole 'Dont make fun of how much i eat or i'll smack you upside the head thing'?" I said walking to the kitchen and you'll never guess who was waiting for me.

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