Forever Almost Never Lasts

Christy is a normal teenage girl until she finds herself falling for not just one but THREE members of One Direction. After alot of overwhelming events she just wants to forget about Christy wants to disapear but its kinda hard when she lives next door to Liam Payne. One thing leads to another and Christy finds herself just comming out of a mental hospital and living wtih the guys. Christy ends up dating one of the boys but fate seems to keep them apart. Is it really fate or is it just Christy's receantly deceased brother Matt?Find out what happens in my movella Forever Almost Never Lasts!


24. Chapter 20

The someone i had in mind was...........FOOD! I was starving. "I am STARVING!" I announced to the guys. "Be a doll and make me something?" I asked no one in paticular. I heard Liam sigh. "Fine." He walked out of the room and into the kitchen. "LI!" Niall yelled. "What?" Liam asked. "Make me something too?" I laughed when Liam yelled "NO!" Niall threw a pillow at me which started a very fun pillow fight. I was surrounded by the guys who were armed with pillows. "I SURRENDER." i yelled and they still hit me anyways. "Do you wanna go?" I asked Lou. "Bring it!" He yelled. I full on tackled him to the ground. "Damn girl your strong." He said as i pinned him to the ground. "Thanks." I said and i got up and brushed off my shirt. "FOOD!" Liam yelled and i ran to the kitchen almost tripping over nothing. "Someones hungry." Zayn said and everyone laughed and I ate all my food really fast. "I think someone broke Niall's speed eating time." Harry joked. "No way!" Niall pouted. "calm yourself Niall. you can TRY and take first place back later today." I said and the guys snickered. "It's good to have the old Christy back." Harry said hugging me. "It's good being back."  I whispered. It started getting late and we watched movies and goofed around for the rest of the night and i fell asleep in Harry's arms and felt safe for the first time in a long time.



A/N: There you''s something atleast. I dont know if you guys realize this but i dont plan anything thats going to happen in my movellas. its spur of the moment i just write whatever comes to my head so each chapter I make surprises me too. Remember to Like, Comment and Favorite this and share with your friends. LOVE YOU ALL! xx

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