Forever Almost Never Lasts

Christy is a normal teenage girl until she finds herself falling for not just one but THREE members of One Direction. After alot of overwhelming events she just wants to forget about Christy wants to disapear but its kinda hard when she lives next door to Liam Payne. One thing leads to another and Christy finds herself just comming out of a mental hospital and living wtih the guys. Christy ends up dating one of the boys but fate seems to keep them apart. Is it really fate or is it just Christy's receantly deceased brother Matt?Find out what happens in my movella Forever Almost Never Lasts!


6. Author's Note

Hey!!! The idea for this story was actually a dream I had one night and it made me think WOAH this should be a book and so i wrote it and im not sure if its good but i hope you guys like it and i'll try to update everyday but damn school keeps getting in the way with it's crappy homework. anyways thanks for reading! xxTatiana

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