Forever Almost Never Lasts

Christy is a normal teenage girl until she finds herself falling for not just one but THREE members of One Direction. After alot of overwhelming events she just wants to forget about Christy wants to disapear but its kinda hard when she lives next door to Liam Payne. One thing leads to another and Christy finds herself just comming out of a mental hospital and living wtih the guys. Christy ends up dating one of the boys but fate seems to keep them apart. Is it really fate or is it just Christy's receantly deceased brother Matt?Find out what happens in my movella Forever Almost Never Lasts!


2. An interesting afternoon

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock I look at it ughh its 7:30 time to get up and get ready for work. Once again UGHH! I rolled out of bed landing on the floor “ow!” I yelled in pain. Well I’ll have a bruise on my back now great. I thought to myself. I just lay on the floor so tired that I feel asleep two hours later my eyes flung open. “Oh shit!” I yelled hoping up and running to my closet. I took off my clothes really fast when I heard snickering I turned around and faced my window where all they boys were looking at me in just a bra and underwear snickering like school boys. I so don’t have time for this I put my work clothes and put my hair up in a ponytail when I get a phone call from my boss. “Shit shit shit.” I said pacing deciding whether I should answer or not. “Hello?” I answered in my sweetest voice and flipped off the guys at the same time. “Christy where the hell are you your late AGAIN!” my boss yelled. “I know sir I’m so sorry just give me one more chance.” I begged into my phone. “No I’m sorry Christy your fired.” My boss said sternly. “Aw!” I cried and then hung up. I started throwing stuff around my room angry. “Are you okay Christy?” One of the boys asked. It startled me I forgot they were there. “Umm yeah.” I said wiping the tears off my face. I shut my blinds and changed into some comfy shorts and a blue tank top. I opened my blinds again and they were gone good. I opened my laptop at least I had my other job working for YouTube. I started making a video, “Hey guys it’s me. Duh of course it is I’m so stupid.” I said face palming myself. “Anyways guess who got fired from Starbucks? This girl right here.” I said pointing to myself. “Who needs money anyways?” I said trying to cheer myself up which I failed. “Anyways you guys asked me questions and I thought I would answer some in today’s video. One was if you had a stripper name what would it be? Well it would Bambi all the way!” After asking some other weird questions I ended my video and turned on my radio and blasted some songs so loud that my bed post shook. I was dancing around my room singing pretty badly. When I heard the clicks of a camera I turned around shocked Louis was taking pictures of me while the other boys laughed. “AHH!” I screamed closing my blinds. Then I heard it the sound of an angelic voice singing it made me frown I opened my blinds again. “Nick go away now!” I yelled at my ex-boyfriend Nick, Ignoring the fact that the boys were still listening. “But I miss you honey I’m sorry take me back?” Nick flashed one of his famous smiles.  I shook my head, “Well guess what you don’t deserve to miss me you broke my heart twice and I still put up with you but now I’m DONE! Nick seriously go before I call my brother over to beat your ass!” I threatened and he knew I’d do it to. “You’re an ungrateful little whore I gave you everything! No one will ever love you the way I did. You’re a fat ugly bitch!” Nick yelled other hurtful words at me while he got in his car and drove off. I sighed “Are you okay?” Niall asked. “Yeah I’m fine, that was just the cherry on top to a perfect morning of being fired.” I said picking up all the shit I threw around my room. “I’m sorry about Louis taking pictures of you.” Niall apologized. I laughed “Its fine, I mean I make a living making pretty embarrassing videos those aren’t that bad.” Niall smiled “and where would I find these videos?” he asked. “Why don’t you come over and bring your friends and I’ll show you I could use the company if you’re not busy?” I asked. Niall’s face lit up. “Sure we’ll be over in like 5 minutes!” he said running out of the room so fast he tripped and I giggled. Well this should be an interesting afternoon.

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