Scary story..

Grunden til at den er på engelsk er at jeg faktisk skrev den til en opgave i skolen..


This story is about Cindy, which is moving out in the forest and scary things is happening..


1. Full story


It was the end of September, Cindy and her family were sitting in their little tightly packed car, on the way out to their new house in the middle of the forest. Cindy wasn’t happy about living out in the forest, there were some rumours going around, that the forest was hunted. Cindy was sitting with her headphones on and was listening to classic music, which was the only thing that could make her relax. She closed her eyes, allowed the music to stream around in her body and dreamed away.


She came running down the hill, the birds were singing and the flowers dancing in the wind, she was alone in the forest. It was peaceful, not a living soul to see, she came to a little lake, she stopped and was looking around. The lake was quite, not even one vibration in the water. She decided to go further out, all the way to the edge, she sat down, took her shoes off and put her feet out in the water. The water was chilly, her toes were sticking out of the water, and now and then a little breeze came and tickled her between the toes. After a while she stood up, took her dress off, and walked slowly out in the water. The chilly water on her warm skin gave her chills, but she went further out, so long that she couldn’t reach the bottom anymore. She took a deep breath and dived under the water. It was peaceful, no noise, no problems, only her. She suddenly heard someone yelling her name, her eyes opened and a monster was right in front of her, she screamed, and almost choked because of the water. She was running up from the water, over to her dress and picked it up. She was running through the forest, she looked back and saw a girl only a couple of meters from her. She turned around again, and kept running. She suddenly heard a little girl voice singing “I’m gonna get you… I’m watching you… I’m in here, come and find me… I’M WATCHING YOU! I’m gonna get you… I’m gonna get you… Come and find me…” 


Cindy’s eyes opened, they were wandering around, and she was still in the car. Her hands were sweating and she had sweat on her forehead. Her little brother was sleeping against the car window, with his teddy bear in his arms and a blanket on top of him. Her mother was reading a new crime book, she had bought the day before, just so she wouldn’t get bored on the trip. Cindy’s breath was still very fast and her heart was pounding fast in her chest. She took her headphones off, took her bag up on her lap, she opened it slowly and put her headphones down. She closed it again, opened the little pocket on the front and took a chocolate bar up. She closed it, and put it back down on the car floor. She opened the chocolate bar, and she was eating it slowly. Her eyes were closed and her head was resting against the cold window, it was nice against her skin. She opened her eyes and looked out of the window. While she was looking out of the window, she was thinking on the voice in her dream, she had heard it before, and it always says the same thing.


They finally arrived at the new house, it looked old, not like it would fall apart any second old, but like it was made in another decade. Cindy opened the car door, stepped out and took her purse. She closed the door, and went back to the trunk to get some of the other bags. Her parents have been here a couple of times, just to put all the furniture and get it all ready till they all moved there. She was walking up the three stairs, through the door and directly into the hallway. She looked around, put her bags down, and went through the door to the living room. It was really big, bigger than the old apartments, she looked on the walls, her mom and dad had left some of the things that were in the house when they bought it. There were an old clock, some old frames with pictures of some people, probably the people that lived there before, big paintings of the nature, a shelf and other things. She went from the living room out in the kitchen, it looked like a kitchen from the 60s, brown doors and the table was white.


She walked back to the hallway, took her bags and went up the stairs. When she was walking up the stairs, she noticed a big painting, she walked closer to get a better look. It was a little girl, she recognized the girl, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen her. She just stood there a couple of minutes, when she suddenly realized that it was the girl from her dreams. She dropped her bags, her hands flew up to her mouth, she couldn’t believe it. She walked even closer and just stood there, chocked.


She took her bags, and ran up the last stairs. When she finally got to the room she has got, she looked at the closed door, and there was a sign on it “Penelope” it said. She opened the door, and walked in. It was a cute little room, it looked comfy and nice. She carried her bags in, and throws it on the ground. Her mother had already been in there, and put sheets on her bed, duvet and pillows. She lies down and a couple of minutes later, she has fallen asleep.


She woke up when it was 8:00pm, still tired, so she decided just to find something to eat and then go back to bed. When she was walking down the stairs she noticed the painting, she walked closer to it, when she was about two steps away she closed her eyes and slowly moved so she was standing right in front of it. She then slowly opened her eyes, and she was chocked, the girl wasn’t there. She turned around and ran down to her mother in the kitchen, and asked if she had changed the picture, but she hadn’t. She took some dinner, and ate it fast. She then ran back to her room, and lay down in her bed. She felled asleep fast.


Next morning she went for a walk, and she had her camera with her. She followed a small path, and she took photos of almost anything. She saw a little lake, so she walked against it, until she remembered her dreams, and stopped. She decided to walk closer, they were only dreams so why b scared. She was walking closer, and closer, when she was only a meter from the edge. She was just standing there, when she heard a sound, she looked around but there was nothing there. She heard the sound again, and this time she turned around. And there she was, the little girl, she was so chocked that she stepped back, right out in the water. She lifted her foot, it was socked. She looked up and the little girl was gone. She rubbed her eyes and looked around,


standing right in front of her. They were just staring at each other, when suddenly the little girl turned into the monster she had seen in her dream. She backed more, right out so she was standing in the water. She backed more, and slipped so she fell into the water. When she came to the surface, she took a deep breath and looked around, it was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly something held on her leg, she took a deep breath and then she got pulled down in the water. She opened her eyes, while something was dragging her further down the lake. She looked down, and she saw the little girl staring right up at her. She started kicking in the water and flapping her arms. She didn’t know how much longer she was going to last, before she will run out of breath. Suddenly she let go and began swimming up to the surface, she finally reached it and took so much air in she could have in her lungs. She finally reached land, and began running. She ran and ran, when she got tired and slowed down. She took a big breath, and turned slowly around. The little girl was there, she was just looking at her…

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