Was it meant to be?

Jamie was a typical teenager until the day she met the famous Niall Horan. When they start dating, and when they are going to have a baby, does Jamie think that they were meant to be?


6. Wedding Frustrations and MSG

*Authors note* Hey guys! I am sorry that I haven't updated in awhile. I was away for Thanksgiving and then I had a bunch of stuff to do and I had to write 2 thesis papers. I will try and update as soon as possible! I promise! Enjoy!

Jamie's P.OV.

It has been a few months since Niall and I have been engaged and when everything else happened. Niall is now on tour with the boys and they won't be home till next month.

"Jamie. Calm down. It will be ok." Macie says to me while we are trying to figure out stuff for the wedding with Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie.

"You want me to calm down. I just graduated college. Don't have a job. I was just proposed to. My fiancee almost died. He is away now and I have to figure this damn stuff on my own." I scream at them and just bang my head on the table.

"Jamie. We are here to help. I know it is stressful. Louis and I had a hard time planning our wedding, but it turned out to be good." Eleanor says to me rubbing my back.

"How about we go and find you a wedding dress since you don't have one?" Danielle says standing up trying to change the subject.

"Good idea." Perrie says.

We all get up and we head to the car and we drive down to the bridal shop and try to find a wedding dress. 

Niall's P.O.V.

We are in America right now and I can't stop thinking about Jamie. She is in London trying to plan a wedding without me. I feel so awful right now. She is doing all the work while I sit here half the time and then do shows and then sit again or go out.

"Niall. She is fine. I know the girls are helping her plan it." Harry says to me while we were doing sound check for Madison Square Garden.

"I just don't feel that she is fine. I am getting this really weird vibe. I gotta text her." I state and run off the stage.

Me: How is everything going?

Jamie: Fine. Just stressed out...

Me: I know baby. I will be home as soon as I can. Miss you tons.:'(

Jamie: I miss you to!</3 I love you so much!<3333

Me: I love you to! I have to go now! I will text you after!<333

Jamie: Bye<333

After she says that she is fine, but stressed out a little bit, I feel a little bit better. I go back to the stage and we finish sound check. Once we finish, we go back to our hotel rooms and just sit there until 6.

Jamie's P.O.V.

It was nice to recieve a text from Niall. It has been a while since I last talked to him. The girls and I go and find my wedding dress. When we finished everyone went back to their apartments and I walked back into mine. I go onto my laptop and go onto Twitter. All I see is tweets from the boys about how they are excited to be performing tonight. I am so happy that they made it this far in their careers. I then log off and I notice that it is 7. I go and turn on the TV, to the channel where the boys will be playing. I just watch what is on there until the boys come out.

They do what they normally do at concert. They do more twitter questions. I wonder if they are going to pick mine. I know I am not at the concert, but I wanted to send one and I wouldn't think that they would pick it because they have all the fan questions from there.

"Niall. What is the next one?" Liam asks turning to Niall sitting on the stage with his legs crossed.

"Well, this one is really special to me." Niall says looking up at the screen smiling.

Tweet: I love you Niall!<333 Miss you.

That was the tweet I sent in.

"It's from Jamie, Niall. Is that why it is so special to you?" Harry asks walking over to him and patting his back.

"Yea. I really miss her. I LOVE YOU JAMIE!!" Niall says looking into the camera.

"We love you to Jamie." the boys say after looking into the camera and waving.

"If you guys didn't know or if some of you knew, Jamie and Niall were just engaged." Louis says.

"Awwwww......" the audience says.

They finish going through the tweets until one of them caught Harry's eye.

Tweet: What is each of your favorite things about Niall's fiancee?

"Well, she is so funny. She really knows how to make someone laugh." Zayn says.

"She is so easy to talk to. If I have a problem, I go to her and talk about it." Louis says.

"She is the most relaxed person I have ever met." Harry says.

"She is so kind and caring. I am glad that Niall has found a special girl like her." Liam says.

"I just love everything about her. There is nothing that I don't like about her. Actually there is one thing. That is when she doesn't call herself pretty. It makes me sad." Niall says after everyone else.

They soon finish the concert and they all say goodnight. I turn the TV off and grab my laptop and walk upstairs to Niall's and my room. I change and I sit underneath the covers and I start to video chat Niall.

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