Was it meant to be?

Jamie was a typical teenager until the day she met the famous Niall Horan. When they start dating, and when they are going to have a baby, does Jamie think that they were meant to be?


10. The first fight

Jamie's P.O.V.

"Niall.. What happened to your parents?" I asked him with my hands on his face trying to wipe all his tears away.

"They were in a car crash and they are in intensive care right now." And with that he just falls to the floor breaking down into tears.

"Niall.. Baby. I am so sorry. I really am." I said falling down next to him. I sit on his lap and I take his face in my hands and I kiss him really hard, probably turning his lips purple. He breaks the kiss and buries his head in my neck and cries even harder. I can't possible feel his pain. 

"Niall. Everything is going to be fine. We will go and visit them in the morning. Let's get some rest. You need some sleep." I said helping him up and giving him a tight hug. I lead him into the bedroom and thats when Ana starts to cry.

"Guess we won't be getting enough sleep." I said laughing and going to Ana's crib and picking her up and going to sit on the bed. Niall comes out of the bathroom in sweatpants and is shirtless. He sits on his side of the bed and wraps his arm around my waist while looking at our daughter. I hand Ana to him and he starts to cry. She stretches her little arms and fingers and grasps Niall's pointer finger. He is so good with her. I am happy to say that he is the dad.

Niall then hands her back to me and I go and put her back in her crib. I get back into bed and I cuddle up to him.

*couple hours later*

I wake up to the sound of Ana crying again. Damn.… Why does she have to cry all the time? I thought to myself.

I feed her and that's when I noticed that Niall wasn't in the bed anymore. I look around and I didn't see him. I then walk into the bathroom and I saw what I never wanted to see. I see the bathtub filled with a blonde figure into it. I rush out and I find thick sweatpants and a heavy sweatshirt and blankets. I go back into the bathroom and I pull him out while he is gasping for air. I am surprised that I was able to pull him out. He is 230 pounds of muscle and I am only 130. When I pull him out I wrap him in all the blankets, and thats when it all came out.

"Niall. What the hell do you think you are doing?" I asked having my hands on my hips standing in front of him.

"I don't know. I really don't know." he said looking up at me.

"Well, don't talk to me until you find a reason why you did it." I said stomping out of the bathroom and into our room.

Niall's P.O.V.

I really shouldn't have done that. I did freak her out. I never wanted to do that. I thought that this would make me feel better. I know my parents aren't going to live and I just want to be with them. But then I would be leaving Jamie and my daughter. I really fucked up.

I get up and I get into the sweatpants and sweatshirt that Jamie brought me. I walk out of the bathroom and I walk into our room. I see that Jamie is standing outside on the balcony. She is watching the sunrise. I look at the time and it is 5:30 AM. I grab and blanket and I walk outside to the porch.

"Jamie. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to freak you out like that. I thought that it would have made everything better. I really am sorry." I finish saying and I go and put the blanket on her and I begin to walk back into the apartment when she started talking.

"You know, I would never scare my husband like that. I really wouldn't. Especially not the day after we were married and we had a child."

"Jamie. You know I didn't mean to scare you like that."

She turned around and I saw all the tears flowing out of her eyes. "Niall. Why would you do that? I mean did you really want to leave your daughter and me hanging?"

I walk towards her and I hold her face in my hands.

"Jamie. I am so sorry. I didn't mean to do that to you. I thought it would make everything better. But all it did was cause you and I to fight and I never want to fight with you. It breaks my heart to know that I am fighting with you."

"Niall, just please don't do that again?" I asked him.

"I will do anything for you. Anything." I told her.

"But can you tell me one thing?" she asked removing her head my chest and looking up at me.


"What is going on with Harry and Taylor?"



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