Was it meant to be?

Jamie was a typical teenager until the day she met the famous Niall Horan. When they start dating, and when they are going to have a baby, does Jamie think that they were meant to be?


14. **Authors Note**

Hey guys! I am so sorry that I haven't been updating. Forgot I had this until this summer when I found my binder with all these rough drafts and papers to these stories with my ideas and everything! Promising to update more. I hope you all haven't forgotten about my stories and deleted them off your list. I have just been busy with all my school work and trips and college touring.... Will promise to update more often. PINKY PROMISE~

PS- I realized that I never said what happened to Macie and Harry. Macie and Harry split since she was going to America to tour and to travel and she and Harry decided to split and then he went to Taylor. Just wanted to clarify that. 

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